Odds ‘n Sods:

Metal Studs Treat The Homeless ‘Like Animals’ – T.P.

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Treasury Department Employee Firing Rate Is 4th Lowest Among Federal Agencies – PLC

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Turing Test breakthrough as super-computer becomes first to convince us it’s human . – T.P.

There will be those who see this as an advancement towards a “skynet” type system, but the real fear is more down to earth. Can this program accelerate the duping of real humans in online fraud? What happens when the state of the art voice synthesis is combined with this? This may raise the bar on identity theft and human engineering. What about the FBI (or other alphabet agency) using it to troll social networking sites?

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War Gear Flows to Police Departments – B.B.

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60 Minutes just aired a piece on the Near Earth Objects (asteroids and comets) threat. You can find out more from the B612 Foundation.

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