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One more reason to dump social media networking! Secret Service Requests Software To Track Social Media Trends, Detect Sarcasm – JBG

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West ponders how to stop – or fight – a new Great War – T.J.

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Krayton Kern’s latest ramblings about a political process. Sharp! Advisors

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It looks to me like the President expected that people would celebrate the release of an American POW, no matter what the cost. How typical that they would ignore the lives lost in a search for a known deserter. My personal feeling is that the president should be impeached over breaking federal law, and the deserter should be tried for treason. Failing that, the deserter should be tried for manslaughter over the 8 men who lost their lives in the search for him. How many more Americans will lose their lives due to the actions of the five released Taliban? Pentagon knew Bergdahl’s whereabouts but didn’t risk rescue for ‘deserter’ – Washington Times – P.M.

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If this route is in your escape plan, you may want to consider plan B: Crucial East Coast Highway Bridge Closed – G.P.

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