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Colt Defense Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

JWR’s Comment: When you take this news in the context of the recent post-scare dip in gun prices, we are clearly in a “Buyer’s Market.” Now is a good time to stockpile some stripped AR-15 lower receivers, especially if you can purchase any from private parties at gun shows, sans papiere. It might also be worthwhile to buy a Colt-made M4 as an investment piece, if you can find one of the Law Enforcement-marked Colts (such as the LE6920 / LE6921 / LE6940) that has BOTH takedown pins. (Rather than the “Sporter” monstrosities that have screws in place of the proper front pivot pins.)

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The tenth book in the Holding Their Own series published by Prepper Press has been released. The Toymaker continues the story of post-apocalyptic Texas with a fast paced adventure.

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Stephen Hunter: The case of Tamir Rice. – P.W.

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Your car is a cyber security risk, Kaspersky warns. – B.B.

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ID card for every child in Scotland. – H.L.

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Swimming in a Pond Is Now a Trendy “Thing

GOOD GRIEF!!! The so-called developed world seems to be made up of way too many namby pamby people who are sheltered from reality and FUN! No wonder a prolonged grid down scenario will result in probably 95% of the population gone within a few weeks! They do NOT know how to fend for themselves and live off the land; they have no really USEFUL skills! I can remember swimming in almost any pond, and even a stream after a torrential downpour! We were sharing the water with turtles and snakes as well as minnows and whatever! – H.L.

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