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A great precedent has been set for our Fourth Amendment Rights: Cop Who Arrested Man for Legally Carrying Gun Gets Sued

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There might be no saving the world’s top banana Another reason why it is critical that people continue to plant non-GMO heirloom seeds of all kinds to add variety to food sources. Having only one viable strain (in this case shippable) risks doing without someday. Corporations, such as Monsanto and others, have moved towards just a FEW GMO varieties and use heavy-handed tactics to “force” farmers, even in third-world countries to use ONLY their seeds and sell Roundup, which is toxic. – H.L.

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An update to an earlier story: Comments disabled/censored at “Letter to stingy American consumers”. I went back to re-read comments between yesterday and tonight; I noticed this articled was disabled from receiving more comments. Also of note is that at least two dozen comments have been removed, which had no offensive profanity, but all the missing comments made reference to some combination of pitchforks, boiled rope or guillotines. – formerly middle class America

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Egg rationing in America has officially begun. – JBG

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War Cycles Spread Globally

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A brief “Must Read” essay, over at the Paratus Famalia blog: To Quiet the Dry Bones of Liberty

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