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Constitution is Just a Scrap of Paper. – J.W.

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The SurvivalBlog reader, GG in the South, who wrote in about the recent spectacular claim that United States automobile gas consumption has declined by 75%, suggestive of a collapsing economy, is mistaken. The original author was confused by labeling on a government graph, which reported retail sales by United States refiners, rather than total sales. It turns out that much of refiner’s output is wholesale. The United States total automobile gas consumption is some four times what was listed on the spectacular graph purporting to show an economic collapse.

United States automobile gas consumption is indeed declining, but nowhere near this rate. This reference gives more correct data.

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A 19 month old baby was burned badly during a SWAT raid in Georgia. The grenade landed in a play pen where the baby was sleeping. He is in critical condition in a medically-induced coma. – R.B.

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Indicted: Psychopathic cop stands on hood of suspects car, fires 15 rounds through window, kills two unarmed men . – S.T.

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N.S.A. Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images. – G.G.

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