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Not strictly survival related, but it’s a testament to the condition of our society: TRENDING: More college students support post-birth abortion – P.M.

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With all the recent dust-ups on militarized police, here is an interesting read: Are Cops Constitutional? – K.W.

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A Library For Survival Knowledge. Browse at will, but there is also a torrent snapshot of it (14-Oct-2014). – R.F.

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CDC Says Ebola Droplets Can Only Travel 3 Feet … But MIT Research Shows Sneezes Can Travel Up to 20 Feet – P.M.

Don’t forget to watch the Myth Busters slow motion sneeze. It’s a bit vulgar, but it puts that 3-foot myth to rest in a hurry.

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In classical government tradition, modern science strikes again: Toss the data if it doesn’t fit your pre-determined outcome. Government Study: Flu Vaccine not Effective for Elderly – Death Rates Increased. – D.S.

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