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Apparently, self-isolation only means isolation when it applies to everyone else. Everywhere the NYC Ebola Patient Went During His ‘Self-Isolation’ – P.M.

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We are now several months into this “Ebola” issue, and I find it difficult that anyone could claim ignorance in dealing with disposal issues regarding this disease, given all of the hype it has received. Perhaps it’s time for a HAZMAT refresher course. NY Police Caught Throwing Waste From Ebola Scene Into Public Trash Can – P.M.

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Courtesy of Backwoods Home Magazine: The state of freedom in America. – B.B.

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Oh, by the way: North Korea now knows how to build small nuclear warheads for delivery via ICBM. – G.P.

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Was Ebola Accidentally Released from a Bioweapons Lab In West Africa? What would be the only thing more heinous than determining that this new all-weather/all-terrain/airmobile pathogen now threatening the world had accidentally made its way from an American lab cynically maintained in Africa?

Determining that it had done so not by accident… – MCJ

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