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Some insightful commentary by Ol’ Remus: The Ebola Farce.

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Citizen journalists don’t need “Press Credentials” — but that badge may help

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If you raise ANY TYPE of animals for food, this should SERIOUSLY get your attention. Make no mistake, complete government control of your animals IS the end game here. Animal cruelty is now a group A – FELONY. – T.P.

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SurvivalBlog reader K.B. sent us this message: “Just FYI, the crowds at my local Market Basket grocery store in Metro Boston were huge yesterday. The cashier said he sees this type crowd only when a hurricane or Nor’easter is predicted. There is no adverse weather here; clearly folks are skittish, and stocking up.”

Yep, the panic has started.

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G.P. forwarded some decent How To Links on prepping.

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