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Satan’s Temper Tantrum. – Avalanche Lily

Well said! – HJL

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The toughest thing for everyone in this movement to understand is that they are not the saviors; they are the sacrifice. The saviors will come later; they will be our children’s children, fueled by stories from us about what liberty is and why it is worth fighting and dying for, but it will not be us. For the People and the Nation . – J.W.

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Ebola Testing At Georgia Jail HALTS Operations. – G.L.

When you realize that in a nation of 350 million people, less than 10 Ebola-infected persons can get a virtual lock on the news media and cause near mass panic, you begin to realize how fragile society can be. People are fickle. Perhaps it starts making them think about all those preparations they could have been making if they had foregone their trip to Disney World.

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Sick passenger investigated for Ebola at Newark airport. – P.M.

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During An Ebola Pandemic All Of Your Rights Would Essentially Be Meaningless. – B.B.

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