Odds ‘n Sods:

Venezuela braces for ‘mother of all protests’ – B.B.

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Courts are Using AI to Sentence Criminals – B.B.

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An article by Benjamin Baruch over at News With Views: The March To World War III

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From the people who brought you beheadings, burning alive, and other atrocities for no other reason than they don’t like you: Taliban Decry Environmental Impact of U.S. MOAB Explosion – G.M.

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Meet Babel Street, the Powerful Social Media Surveillance Used by Police, Secret Service, and Sports Stadiums – S.G.

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I ran across this on YouTube today. Too bad they don’t make them anymore: Rare Gas-Powered Circular Saw [Rescue]

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2 Responses to Odds ‘n Sods:

  1. Michelle from Canada says:

    Dear Hugh and James,

    The March to WW III

    There is a conspiracy of pure evilness for lack of a better word, to bring the world to this precipice of WW III. It will shatter civilisation as we know it. You will not be able to live a normal life ever again after this. What you consider normal, and moral will be irrelevant.

    There is a lot of possible this and that in this article. This tells me there is a lot they don’t know, so they are speculating.
    Yes there is a well organized web of communist influence in the USA. and the west in general. It does not work the way you think it does.
    There are other negative influences at work as well.
    America has been infiltrated. The question is, is there someone able to steer the ship in the right direction with enough freedom of action at his disposal. Is Mr. Trump able to maneuver or is someone else at the steering wheel.

    When you have the responsibility of a country you must do what is beneficial for the country and the people who live in it, otherwise you will obviously do what is detrimental for this country. Your policies must protect the territory, the economy and the people of your country first. You cannot be the champion of other countries. They are not yours to protect, period. Let other countries do what they want for themselves. If they want to do something you disapprove you can warn them, advise them, but never fight their wars for them. They won’t fight your wars for you.
    By definition, a country has no friends or allies. You have only temporary alliance, that can dissolve quickly. All of these countries, will smile at you as long as they can use you. The day they have no use for big USA, they will drop you. So your best strategy is to remain strong economically, militarily, and fair.


    What is the difference between Capitalism and Communism?
    Under capitalism man exploits man. Under communism it is just the reverse.”

    “Yes my sense of humor is here with my quick comeback again.”

    Since we are talking about war, here is something to make you think concerning gun control

    Russian wisdom and humor : Russian’s view about Guns
    The optimist learns English, the pessimist learns Chinese, the realist learns how to use a Kalashnikov.

    James and Hugh, I hope you had a good time reading this.

    Good bye for now.
    Michelle from Canada Canadian Letters

  2. L.O. says:

    Anybody else watch the video of the gas powered circular saw?.. That spark plug is interesting, i dont think Iv ever seen one like that.

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