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It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside.

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Beat Extreme Heat and Stay as Cool as a Cucumber, Even Grid-Down. Excerpt: “But Our Ancestors Survived Extreme Heat Without Ac, How Did They Do It?” (Note: if you move your mouse off of the screen while you read the page, you get an annoying “subscribe” pop-up. Just reload the page to get rid of it.) – T.J.

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The old saying the cops are 3 minutes away when you need them? They were there, then fled 3 minutes away when the shooting started! – D.F.

HJL’s Comment: An old news clip from the L.A riots, but a good reminder that you are pretty much on your own when things get really bad. Note: This video clip is on Facebook, but no account is needed to view.

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Are Millennials/ Generation Z Ready for SHTF?. Generation Z and millennials, as with all generations before were shaped by the parenting and society that preceded them. – Canadian Prepper

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4 Responses to Odds ‘n Sods:

  1. C. DeVaney says:

    Responding to “It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside.” All I can say is “Wow” How many times and different ways can the media say rural American is ignorant, backward, and lesser in all ways than the city population. Every single attribute attributed to rural populations has been put into a negative connotation. Even the fact we are closer to Nature – this is apparently a negative. Once again we are clinging to our guns and religion because apparently we still aren’t as evolved as those enlightened city people. Give me a break.

  2. Michelle from Canada says:

    Responding to “It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside.”

    Dear Hugh,
    There is a policy to develop the cities, and make them bigger. You want to increase the population concentration? Expend the city and concentrate the economic activity in the city. You want people to avoid the countryside, make it difficult and unsustainable economically so people will have to leave and where do they go? To the city.

    The economy is entirely artificial. The game is rigged. Got it?
    Who do you think makes he rules? The elite. They make the rules. They change the rules of the game as they go to their own benefit. And yes it is elites vs. populists because the interests of he elite are different from that of the citizens and the people in rural communities and the elite is having a hand in manipulating events to get what they want. They want the majority of people in cities, because it is easy to control the populous that way and because they concentrate the economic activity in cities. The elite is money hungry beyond rationality.

  3. Bill Jenkins says:

    Responding to the Koreans defending the jewelry shop led me to this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26ToSKdfeRY in which the local press was surprised to see a Korean man armed with an Uzi. Their response was, “That sight must concern the police and National Guard.” My response to that was, “They’ve got to be on the scene to be concerned.”

  4. Michelle from Canada says:

    Hello Hugh

    Generation Z and millennials, as with all generations before were shaped by the parenting and society that preceded them. – Canadian Prepper

    Generation Z inherited a destroyed education system. It is largely irrelevant to the work force of today. The economy is shattered. Jobs are now in Asia. Young people do not have any idea what to do for their future. Parents are the only one who can help them. Adults , the parents, are buzzy working to pay the bills. It was a whole different society in the generation of my parents, My mother was at home. Very traditional family. I am a late baby boomer like James. About the same age as well. I am fortunate, because I was able to stay home and look after my child.
    So she is a nice young woman.
    Now young people have the additional problem of creating families today. They don’t want to be punks.

    The family unit is bombarded constantly to the point it is hard to know what the right decision may be sometimes.

    There is a war on the family unit, today. This is a complex matter. Basically you destroy the income sources, of families, like security of employment, savings, economic climate, you send jobs to Asia. As a result, parents are running around trying to pay the bills. Children have no clue what to do, to integrate society. They need their parents to help them do this.

    In the past we had a functioning society, and a civilization. Now even this is gone. Knowledge is not being transmitted. People don’t know who they are anymore. They have no affiliation. They don’t know how to cooperate, or they don’t understand the value of it.

    Finally you bring another family model with four wives and 8 to 20 children all this at tax payers money on the dole (social security). 60% of them don’t work in Europe and the government house them, feed them and their families, while cutting financial support to their own citizens.
    The bottom line is, if you want your young people to have a good life you give them the support they need.

    Remember: “There is no bad youth, only bad political leaders. ”
    in French it goes like this: ” Il n’y a pas de mauvaise jeunesse, seulement de mauvais dirigeants.”

    I am fluent in both languages.

    To explain what is going on, we could write a book on this topic.

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