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I recently ordered a couple of large plastic tool boxes that carry the Dewalt brand name. When they arrived, I was thrilled to see that they weren’t made in China but instead in Israel. They are fairly sturdy and quite reasonably priced at under $21 each. They also happen to be fairly covert for use as a “range box” for carrying handguns. With an inside length of 21”, they will even fit an AR-15 pistol with arm brace if it is broken down into two halves.

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Okay, but it’s going to cost you! – ‘Gun Free’ Zone Tennessee Business Liable for Disarming Concealed Carry Holders – D.S.

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Again, showing the futility of gun control laws, reader GJM sent in the link to this video of a homemade Gatling-Gun made from a few second hand semi-automatic rifles. Red-neck engineering vs. government control at its best.

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Where Will You Go When North Korean Agents Release Biological Weapons In Major U.S. Cities? – H.L.

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Islam’s ‘manufactured refugee crisis’ revealed – B.B.

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  1. VFF says:

    RE: Okay, but it’s going to cost you! – ‘Gun Free’ Zone Tennessee Business Liable for Disarming Concealed Carry Holders – D.S.

    I read SB 1736 a little differently than they do!

    “Weapons – As enacted, provides immunity from civil liability to a person, business, or other entity that owns, controls, or manages property and has the authority to prohibit weapons on that property by positing, with respect to any claim based on the person’s, business’s, or other entity’s failure to adopt such a policy. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 13.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Link for tool chest says origin is in china???
    where is the israel one?

  3. Michelle from Canada says:

    Hello Hugh,

    Now your talking.
    Islam’s ‘manufactured refugee crisis’ revealed

    Of course the refugee crisis is manufactured. You can thank your elite for willingly giving their cooperation to this. What do you expect with an open borders policy…

    I can tell Europe in particular, you have no idea what awaits you. They have sleeper cells in all Western European countries waiting to set up the fire works. Imagine that simultaneously. Politicians are cooperating willingly with this. I hope Americans will have the brain to leave the migrants out of the USA otherwise the same faith awaits you. These migrants come from Africa, Asia, and the middle east. They are politically worked up by the religious organizations and possibly other political influences. Islam is in a conquest mode. This can go very fast. Here is their work sheet.

    Stage 1: Infiltration
    Stage 2: Consolidation of Power
    stage 3: open war
    Stage 4: Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy

    We are at stage 1 right now. They are attempting to push for the other stages when they are demanding the implantation of Sharia Law.

    James and Hugh, you might like some of the content of this Sharia law. You can have four wives and as many concubines as you want. You can buy women. Christian women are on the auction block…. Want to buy?
    Hugh and James, I am teasing you, big time.

    Corporal punishment is Ok with Sharia. You can beat your women, so spanking is probably considered as foreplay.
    You guys are going to like this. Doesn’t Islam sounds good to you? ( Yes, quick come back. Michelle, is at it again)
    I am giving you just a few spoon feeding here. about the immigration invasion and the political project behind it.

    Westerners Have no idea how to deal with this. Russian writer Nikolai Starikov said the solution for the migrant crisis in the west is to send the migrants back. Russians have experience dealing with Muslims. They have them in their military. The Soviet Union is now called the Russian Federation. There are allot of Muslims living in the Russian Federation. And they are part of the military forces of the Russian Federation.

    So, We can follow M. Starikov suggestion, or or we can do it the Celtic way. The coracle method set adrift in the middle of the ocean. We would do this with a bigger boat of course. What ever you like… (yes, quick come back)
    The Russian writer’s suggestion is less arch.

    I don’t know if Vladimir knows something we don’t, but he said this to the German chancellor Angela Merkel :

    “No matter how things go on the first night of marriage, the result will still remain the same.
    Do you understand.” (Vy ponimayete?)
    It is funny.

    I am trying not to be to long on your instant response system. I will write some more about this and send it to you and James. This situation might become serious in time if handled the wrong way. It is bad enough as it is, in Europe right now.

    Goodbye for now.
    Michelle from Canada

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