Odds ‘n Sods:

Prep warning: North Korea may have a new KN14 ICBM – This missile has a range of 7000+ miles putting it within the continental U.S. There is just one problem: They’ve never had a successful test launch of it. – P.S.

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Woman Fights To Raise Chickens In Backyard – Life And Death Situation For Son – DSV

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Feds Illegally Maintain Registry of Firearm Owners; Media Fails to Report It. This under-reported article from late 2015 is STILL being ignored!

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DPM camouflage wearers will love these: British Army Cold Weather Parka

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Just For Fun: The Gun Addict Song. (Jordan Winkler is a firearms instructor who has a Master’s Degree in music. His songs are priceless and wonderfully satirical. This one hits a bit close to home. Oh, and Preppers are sure to enjoy The EDC Song – JWR)

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2 Responses to Odds ‘n Sods:

  1. L.O. says:

    I wonder how many of those parade missiles are just painted up empty cans.

    • Hugh James Latimer says:

      That is certainly suspect. Another aspect is the question of if or how many of those launches have been sabotaged or even disabled in-flight from counter measures of concerned countries.

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