Odds ‘n Sods:

There has been a global uproar over the manhandling and bloodying of a paying United Airlines passenger. The plane was sold out, and the airline said that they needed four seats to shuttle crew to another airport. What followed was a gross misuse of force in removing a passenger against his will. United’s President apologized, but the airline policies are a reflection on their view of the world and “customer service.” Clearly, they look at paying passengers with the same disdain as they would sheep or cattle. So not only do we have to endure TSA inspections (with all of the appeal of a proctology exam), now we learn that the airlines themselves can call in the goons if we have the temerity to refuse to be herded like sheep. – JWR

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Paul Joseph Watson: I was right about Sweden

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The information devices that spy on you in your home are now front and central in a corporate war: Burger King TV Ad Asks, Hoping Google Home Devices Answer – DSV

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A very cool (yet incredibly scary) look at a steampunkish military oddball: M1915 Howell Automatic Rifle Enfield Conversion – J.C.

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2 Responses to Odds ‘n Sods:

  1. Tony says:

    He was asked to leave.
    At that point in time, he should’ve.
    Instead he gets on the plane and acts like he’s nuts.
    Why would this blog make make this guy a victim?
    If United decides you don’t fly, the answer is take your voucher and wait on the next flight and then choose a different airline.
    Don’t like that? Get an attorney and seek relief in court.
    This guy was a moron and won a moron prize.

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