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SurvivalBlog reader T.N. joined in the conversation of EMP and our nation’s difficult-to-replace power transformers with this impressive news item from 2015 about one of the huge transformers being delivered to southern Utah: Huge transformer to arrive in Monticello Monday. This certainly puts the problem in perspective!

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Showing once again the futility and pointlessness of gun control laws: Neighbor used homemade air gun to kill Lehigh County mom -Will we outlaw plumbing supplies next? – T.P.

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Map showing why Europe will be extinct These maps show how fragmented Europe is and why the European Union is destined for extinction. – G.P.

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More on the private property issue we have been talking about on SurvivalBlog: Law School Professors Reject Property Rights. – B.B.

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The Vast, Secretive Face Database That Could Instantly ID You In A Crowd – B.B.

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