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One of my consulting clients was complaining that he was having trouble finding the once-plentiful Czech 26.5mm flare cartridges for his HK flare pistols. Well, here is one company that still has them available: Dan’s Ammo. (This company, located in Pennsylvania, has an amazing warehouse full to the rafters with military surplus ammunition, including some scarce varieties. They are highly recommended.) – JWR

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Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said on MSNBC, when asked about North Korea, that we need to harden our defenses against an EMP! He said they may be far away from ICBM capabilities but may not be far aware from detonating a nuke in orbit. And of course, no one asked a follow up to that. No good solutions with North Korea, says senator (starts at the 2:00 mark) – P.C.

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Here is a rebuttal by Dr. Peter Pry, regarding the critical article in Popular Mechanics by Kyle Mizokami “No, North Korea Can’t Kill 90 Percent of Americans” (March 31, 2017): Popular Mechanics Publishes “Fake News” On North Korean Nuclear Threat – M.M.

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News Corp chief: Orwellian algorithms of Google and Facebook put us on ‘slippery slope of censorship’ – H.L.

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After Youtube Terminated His Account Twice, Hickok45 Found A New Home – H.L.

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