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All of the talk in the MSM about a potential conflict with North Korea seems to be overlooking one thing: Donald Trump is a master negotiator. To gain the upper hand, Trump needs to parlay with China, not North Korea. Don’t be surprised if you soon hear about high level talks between the Trump Administration and China. Trump will be counting on the fact that the Chinese government shares the common view that Kim Jung Un is a spoiled child who is mentally unstable. – JWR

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Can Maple Syrup Eliminate Superbugs? Note also that in 900 AD a simple home remedy found in an Anglo-Saxon book was tested and found to kill 90% of MRSA (I think ONLY real 100% Maple Syrup would be best) – H.L.

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DOJ Seized 541 Guns From This Man With No Charges Filed, But He Fought And Got Them All Back!

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What’s Wrong With Socialism? Socialism at its Best! “We were once the Middle Class, but now the Lower Class.”, “The government has their homes, cars, and food!” – J.H.

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Stefan Molyneux: What P****s Me Off About The Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal – A really good summary. – D.B.

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