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The latest over at my #1 Son’s SurvivalRealty web site is a new listing for a boat-in or fly-in retreat in Alaska: S. Central Alaska Salmon River Lodge

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From the religion of pieces: Man tased after striking officer, yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ in Goodwill scuffle. Excerpt: “Bilal reportedly had become upset while attempting to convert the employee to Islam.” I’m sure there is mental illness involved in this case as well. Link sent in by reader T.P.

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For those who think that people are basically good, Reader L.I. sent in this link to an interview with Marina Abramovic who conducted a terrifying experiment a number of years ago. While I can’t condone her performance, it truly shows how evil man can be. The terrifying point is that the people abusing her were not under duress themselves. Imagine what these same people are capable of if they are hungry or hurt. Abramovic noted: “This work reveals something terrible about humanity. It shows how fast a person can hurt you under favorable circumstances. it shows how easy it is to dehumanize a person who does not fight, who does not defend himself. It shows that if he provides the stage, the majority of ‘normal’ people, apparently can become truly violent.” (Warning, there is some graphic content in this article.)

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While conservatives and conservative libertarians (especially Christian conservative libertarians) are often accused of being Nazis, the truth is that the progressive liberals are the intolerant ones who use those heavy handed tactics most often. Reader B.B. sent in this line to ACADEMIA: The New Gestapo that lays it out very well.

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The April Fool’s videos on YouTube are some of my favorites. This year Vortex Optics had one of the best with their Vortex\Hornady Bullet-Cam. Thanks to Pat Cascio, SurvivalBlog’s Senior Product Review Editor, for the link. Don’t forget the Followup from YouTuber Four Lazy J’s on the Bullet-Cam Unboxing.

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