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The post-Election decline in the U.S. firearms market presents us with some great opportunities to round out our family gun batteries at bargain prices. As some smaller makers with heavy debt burdens go under (a la Colt Competition) in the next six months, the market will be flooded with guns, gun parts, and gun accessories. Just be very selective about what you buy and do PLENTY of comparison pricing research before you buy. (In the Internet Age, it is easy to be a smart shopper.) Presently, the biggest opportunity seems to be in buying or building AR-15 family rifles. AR-15 stripped lowers are selling for as little as $39 each! Buy several (preferably “private party” if your State law allows it) and then bide your time. Watch for blow-out prices on lower parts kits (“LPKs”) and complete uppers. But, as always, buy quality—not junk! – JWR

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Some very useful advice from Jeremiah Johnson, posted at Ready Nutrition: A Prepper’s DIY: Building Your Own Cleaning Kits for Firearms

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WND reports: Obama spying looks even worse than Trump claimed

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SurvivalBlog reader DSV sent in the link to Spaceweather.com where the readers can find information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras and near-earth asteroids.

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Tensions Flare on the Korean Peninsula – D.B.

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