Notes for Wednesday – October 01, 2014

Several days ago, I asked for our readers’ experience with “Square” and PayPal “Here” card services. SurvivalBlog reader SJG has informed us that after reading about “Square” in SurvivalBlog, he sent a letter stating his dissatisfaction with them. SJG runs a side business dealing in Pelican cases, Hardigg boxes, ammo cans, and MREs at gun shows. He subsequently received this letter from Square:

“Hello xxxxx,

“We’re sorry to inform you that we are deactivating your account. We reviewed your account and found that your business is prohibited by Section 6 of the Square Seller Agreement, which means we cannot accept payments related to your business.

“We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square.

“Your outstanding Square balance will be paid out per our normal payment schedule.

“We appreciate your having chosen Square and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

“Sincerely, Square Compliance Team”

Folks, it’s not enough to just not use the “Square” for your business. That’s the whole point of their maneuvering. You need to refuse to do business with anyone who uses “Square” in the transaction.