News From The American Redoubt:

I just did some link checking, and I found that several of the web URLs that I had listed for our recommended churches in the American Redoubt region were out of date. I’ve now updated our church listings at our Redoubt static page, with these links:

If you are new to the American Redoubt region or if you just want to get back into fellowship, then please visit these churches, and they will surely make you welcome! – JWR

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Expanded hunting proposed for Jackson, Wyoming elk herd

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Most Wyoming counties saw population declines in 2016

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Montana entrepreneurs find opportunity in facial hair

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Jason Patrick and Darryl Thorn were convicted of “conspiracy to impede Federal officers” in the latest Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation trial. A separate trial of co-defendants resulted in a not guilty verdict.

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Union County, Oregon: Proposed bills would be a blow to farmers/ranchers

JWR’s Comment: Once again, Western Oregon legislators are dictating to Eastern Oregon’s land owners.

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Over at Gun Culture in the Redoubt

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  1. SGT. Brian blithe says:

    Just wanted to say thanks James for your made in America piece, that was great and highly appreciated. THIS WE WILL DEFEND.

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