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EMB suggested this blog piece: Root-cellar plan

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Thanks to Scott N. for this link: Critics Deride Bill Designed to Keep Weapons Out of Terrorists’ Hands

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JRH Enterprises is running a $2,995 special on new 3rd Generation PVS-14 night vision scopes, with brand-new factory-original image intesifier tubes, complete with certified factory data sheets. If you want the ultimate in retreat security, buy one. Most other dealers sell these same scopes for close to $4,000. You won’t regret it!

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Police: Man said 30,000 bullets were for target practice. Did I miss something,? Where is the “crime ” here? OBTW, I suppose that is a good thing that we don’ have Massachusetts-mindset cops here in The Unnamed Western State. Otherwise, they’d come and arrest me, too. (If you include all my rimfire ammo, I have this gent beaten, by a wide margin.) Oh, and will somebody please explain to the newspaper nincompoops the difference between a bullet and a cartridge? Their utter nomenclature ignorance nearly drives me to fits of apoplexy.