Into the Maelstrom, and a Refuge on the Far Side

For the past few weeks I’ve let the news headlines speak for themselves, but I now feel convicted to comment on the deteriorating economic conditions. The global economy in general, and the economies of the English-speaking nations in particular are in deep, deep trouble. A massive credit bubble has popped, and all efforts to re-inflate it have failed. National congresses and parliaments, are throwing trillions at the problem, but they have done no good. The policy wonks in government, and their cronies at the central banks are essentially clueless. Their uniform reaction to each failed “stimulus” policy seems to be: …

Letter Re: Diverters and Pre-Filters for Roof Rainwater Catchment

Mr. Rawles, Regarding the filter design suggested by “Dim Tim”: Consider replacing the modified stockpot with a sink. A deep stainless utility sink would be ideal, would require little alteration, and could be set up outdoors at the downspout to drain directly to a retention barrel or bladder. In a SHTF scenario, an existing indoor sink could be modified by removing the trap underneath the sink. Collected water can then be poured into the sink, filter through, and drain underneath (a food grade plastic five gallon bucket fits quite nicely.) Regards, – Tamara S.

Three Letters Re: Stocking Up on Prescription Medicines

Jim- I want to publicly commend “SH from Georgia” on his excellent and concise article on stocking prescription drugs for a TEOTWAWKI scenario. I agree with just about every point that he has made. Adding metronidazole to the list is a great addition, and his comment about having medications on hand so that a physician might use them to your benefit is a point that I was contemplating, as well. Of course, the list of “med-prep” logistics that one could store is lengthy, and will be limited by 1. budget; 2. knowledge base, and 3. storage ability. SH’s list is …

Economics and Investing:

Readers “Bigbird” and Trapper Mike both sent this: Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar John Hussman warns: Inflation Ahead! The Destructive Implications of the Bailout – Understanding Equilibrium (Thanks to GG for the link) Frequent content contributor GG sent us this: Tax Revenues Tanking. Yikes! Look at the tax receipts for April of ’08 versus April of ’09. I suspect that the panic reaction in Congress will be raise the marginal tax rates. Thanks to DS for sending this: Stocks waver after surprise drop in housing data (This leads me to ask: Why are journalists so surprised that …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader RTK recommended a New York Times Op-Ed piece: All Disasters Are Local    o o o Here is a link to a brief YouTube segment on how to seal foods in Mylar bags, using a Foodsaver    o o o Big-Box Stores Comparisons    o o o Disaster risk increasing, says UN    o o o From Trapper Mike: GPS system ‘close to breakdown’; Network of satellites could begin to fail as early as 2010