Economics and Investing:

From Eric S.: 24,700,000 Unemployed or Underemployed Americans: Job Losses Accelerate with 6 million unemployed over last year. Real Unemployment rate now at 15.8 Percent.

Also from Eric: FDIC Insures $4.7 Trillion in Deposits with a $13.6 Billion Deposit Insurance Fund. This is Like Going into a Hurricane with a 99 Cent Store Umbrella.

Items from The Economatrix:

UK House Prices Continue To Plummet

401(k)s Hit By Withdrawal Freezes

Global Crisis “Vastly Worse” Than 1930’s, Taleb Says “The global economy is facing “big deflation,” though the risks of inflation are also increasing as governments print more money, Taleb told the conference organized by Bank of America- Merrill Lynch. Gold and copper may “rally massively” as a result, he added.”

Obamarket Update #74: You Want Stress? I’ll Show You Stress

Bond Market: Why You Should Be Worried ” …the last thing we need right now is a collapse in the bond market. Unfortunately, it could be just around the corner…”

Boomers’ Retirement Bummer

Small Business: Economic Recovery? What Recovery?

State Budget Gaps Widen as Revenues Fall

Mike Whitney: Economy On The Ropes

Rural Town Feel Downturn’s Ripple Effects as Jobs Vanish in Northern Virginia

States Resort to Furloughs as Need for Services Increase

Bankrupt Banks

What’s Up With These Numbers?