Economics and Investing:

Reader HPD recommended this: Why the U.S. Government Should be Cut Off Like a Subprime Borrower

HPD also sent this bit of news, which comes as no great surprise: AIG Breakup Likely.

Al H. said that he liked this Business Week interview: Jim Rogers Doesn’t Mince Words About the Crisis

Items from The Economatrix:

Fear of Global Depression Up as US Reveals True Extent of Decline

Fresh Evidence Points to Paralysis of Global Economy
750,000 jobs were lost in US in February, worse to come

Iran Threatened with Economic Meltdown

Buffett: Economy Will Be in Shambles in 2009

Wall Street Slumps to Six Months of Losses

California’s Jobless Rate Soars to 10.1%

Violence Between Repo Men and Owners Rising