Letter Re: Survival Prospects for Gun-Toting Liberal Protestors

These people may not know how to fight. Lots of right-wingers don’t know how, either, including those who have been to a lot of spray-and-pray classes. The point is, when the fighting starts, you either learn how to fight or die, or find a way to escape from the front line.

The thing to remember is that none other than Karl Marx called for the “universal armament of the proletariat.” The point being, that once the “proletariat” do the job of massacring the right-wingers, they can easily be disarmed. Europe has demonstrated that.

Remember that the leftists are most decidedly of the “gimme” persuasion, and the Marxists are happy to “give them” the guns and ammo they need to wreak havoc. That is why reports keep drifting in of semi-loads of AK’s going to the street gangs and similar conveyances.

On the right-wing side, the real strength is in the geographic distribution and in industrial and agricultural power. Pull the power grid or the financial grid, and the leftists will starve. Everybody will starve, but they will starve better.

I wish I could boast of the moral power of the right-wing, but I can’t. It is probably a modicum better than the left but still absolutely pathetic. May God have mercy on His children. – cf

HJL’s Comment: It is also very revealing to note that many, if not most, of those in this video were wearing some sort of identity protection, such as masks or scarfs. Hmmm…a public show of force with a protected identity. Who do we know that regularly uses such tactics? They group together in packs, carry (and often use) lethal force, and hide their identities just like the radical Muslims. I think that they are very dangerous, especially when running in packs.