Letter Re: Springfield Armory XD Pistol Accessories

I wanted to thank you for the great web site! It’s fantastic!
I was on the Springfield Armory web site yesterday, and noticed that they are having a 20% off sale on all accessories, including XD magazines, through July 31st. I picked up four more, and thought I’d pass the info along.

Keep up the great work, and I pray for a healthy recovery for your wife. – Kristopher in Afghanistan

JWR Replies: Thanks for your prayers for The Memsahib. We are now hopeful that she will make a complete recovery.

I am enthusiastic about the XD pistols. Now that spare parts for the XD pistols are available, they are my top pick for self defense pistols.

An important reminder to all SurvivalBlog readers in North America: Front Sight’s Gun + Gear + Training special offer (that includes a free XD pistol in your choice of calibers) will be ending soon, so don’t hesitate!