Letter Re: SCOTUS on Marriage

Washington Post Sees ‘Sign from the Heavens’ in Double Rainbow Above White House… from Last Week

So, a rainbow over the White House on Marriage Profanation Day.

Here’s the really interesting thing:

The reason we have a connection between rainbows and God is because a rainbow was part of the story of Noah, when the world, awash in degeneracy and evil, was destroyed by God, and his people were preserved. I’ve read that the Jews consider sodomy as the last straw, the final sin among the Antediluvian world that triggered the flood.

So, perhaps, instead of a sign of God’s blessing on sodomite marriage, as the liberals suggest, it is actually a reminder of the days of Noah and how THAT turned out for them, eh? For us who follow Jesus, it is a reminder of the families in the ark, protected by the Providence of God through the most terrible storm in human history.

Trust God. Be Prepared. It’s time. – ShepherdFarmerGeek