Letter Re: My Family Preparedness Plan, by R.S.


The best books I have read concerning an EMP are Lights Out by Ted Koppel and Collapse You’re On Your Own by Kay Mahoney. One is fiction, and one nonfiction tells us all we need to know about a terrible event. The first book examines the reality of our delicate electronic infrastructure and how easily it can be shut down. The second book tells the story of the aftermath of an EMP on regular, small town folks, like us, and how we might handle the calamity. I like my electricity and the comforts it provides to me and my family, but I also know our grid is vulnerable in many ways. So, get prepared for no electricity and enjoy the today. – T.M.

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I interviewed Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on my radio show. Dr. Pry is the head of The Commission to Assess EMP. He stated that when it came to testing motor vehicles, they were mandated to “hold back” on the strength of the pulse the vehicles were subjected to, for budgetary reasons. They were further told to do this so the test vehicles would suffer minimal damage, thus making them easy to repair and sell. Therefore, according the Dr. Pry , we really don’t know the consequences/damage a strong pulse will do to modern motor vehicles. The tests of a weak pulse on modern motor vehicles did minimal damage but still allowed them to run. Assuming that they will run when exposed to a strong pulse is wishful thinking. The full report of the commission is a free download at my web site www.thelibertyman.com. I also recommend reading Dr. Pry’s book: Apocalypse Unknown: The Struggle To Protect America From An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe. He’s authored several other books, but I believe this one would give the best overall view on the matter.

The 90% level of fatalities in one year is based on several things not mentioned in what I’ve read thus far in your article.

  1. Prescription medications: The percentage of Americans that take these medications daily to stay alive? One-third of all Americans would be a conservative number. Almost all scrips are for a 30-day supply, which means the average person has a 15-day supply.
  2. The very large, very expensive (million dollar plus) transformers that control the three national power grids in the lower 48 require a full year from the order being made to delivery being made in normal times. No, there is no inventory of replacement transformers in the USA. Granted, hard-working, clever, power company technicians may be able to do work-arounds in limited geographical areas. Those areas would be truly blessed and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with refugees.
  3. In general terms, the following is a true statement: Everything you need to repair what’s broken is also broken.
  4. It will take 2 to 3 days for all municipal water supplies to be exhausted. Waste water systems will go down immediately. Hint: Municipal waste water systems use gravity to get the waste water to pump stations (run be electricity) to pump the waste to the treatment plant. When that stinky brown water starts bubbling up through your basement floor drain, it’s past time to jam rags into the drain pipe. (That’s better done before the fact.)

I’m a big fan of SurvivalBlog and interviewed Mr. Rawles a number of times in the 1998-1999 time frame when I was on WGNU 920 AM in St. Louis. I’m now with Republic Broadcasting Network in TX and do a daily show 0800 to 1000 hours Monday through Friday. – John Moore