Letter Re: G.O.O.D. by Canoe or Other Boat


I have been reading your blog for some time, thanks for all the great info.

One idea that I have not heard much about is using medium size rivers as a way to Get Out of Dodge (G.O.O.D.). I know that it would require just the correct locations for both your work as well as your retreat. But a lot of large cities are near some sort of river or lake. In the best case if you work or live upstream from your retreat you could have a small flat bottom or a canoe stored some place to get back to your retreat. I am always surprised how quietly you can move in a canoe. And if you make your move at night you would be even harder to detect. If your retreat is a short hike from the river it could work out quite well. If you live or work down stream you could paddle back upstream or you may want to look at a small trolling motor. These little electric motors are very quiet and the deep cycle battery could then be used with your solar panels once you get to your safe place. If you are lucky you may be able to use this waterway as a way to travel after things hit the fan. The drawback would be that others can use it as well and may be using it for bad reasons. Maybe some of the other readers could add some ideas of their own. I know traveling by canoe creates some problems of its own but it may be better than walking down the road when they are full of cars that are stalled out or just gridlocked. Thanks, – Korey

#1 Son Replies: I have given some thought to people Getting Out of Dodge with a canoe or small boat, since we do quite a bit of canoeing here at the ranch. If you could do it overnight, it might work. As soon as it starts getting light, you might have trouble. Firstly, anyone padding along in a canoe makes a perfect target. He’s not moving too fast, and has nowhere to hide. Since this will be the day after TEOTWAWKI many people might go into WDNNSB Mode or might think that they can shoot up whomever they please. Even if the savages don’t kill you outright, they might shoot a few holes in your canoe for fun.