Letter Re: Equestrian Survival – Part 4


The author of this submission Part 4, recommends “saddle soap” be applied to bridles and all leather tack components. Based on 30+ years of equestrian training and almost daily use of leather tack use, I can say without reservation that the absolute worst product to use on leather of any type is saddle soap! Saddle soap contains alkaloids that strip the natural oils and any other oil compounds applied to leather goods of any type during manufacture and/or in the tanning process. If you’ve ever looked at old or antique leather holsters, tack, or saddles and observed many small spider web-like cracks or dry rot, this is the direct result of constant application of saddle soap over time. Never use saddle soap to clean leather products, period! The absolute best product to clean leather tack is a product called Lexol. (www.lexol.com ) Lexol cleans, moisturizes, waterproofs, and protects leather and will extend the life of leather tack, gloves, bridles, et cetera. Lexol is not oily and will not transfer onto cloth or anything else it contacts once it’s worked into the leather. It’s available at Walmart and most farm stores. A bottle of Lexol will last years. – Copper4413