Letter Re: Dental Emergencies

Hugh and Jim,

Regarding the post on 3/7 about dental emergencies. A few years back their was a like minded dentist up in TN that taught some Field Dentistry classes in middle TN. Dr. Tom offered an excellent two-day class that focused on just this sort of stuff. He was not just some dentist that figured he could cater to the “prepper” market. You could tell Dr. Tom was a survivalist, and he had thought through some incredibly creative ways to handle what could be survival dentistry. He offered tools there as well as the instruction. We did a lot of hands-on training, including doing fillings, practicing extractions (we took prisoners the night before; just kidding), et cetera.

I go to a lot of training classes, and this one I attended twice because it was so good. I’m not sure if he’s still offering them, but I know he likely reads the blog here, so hopefully he will see this and do some more classes. This sort of class isn’t as glamorous as shooting rifles, but it’s as important and perhaps more so. As survivalists, we should seek to be well rounded in our skill sets. – R.H.