Letter Re: Coffee

Mrs. Latimer,

Thank you for your contributions to our survival knowledge. In regard to roasting your own coffee, we have been doing this for years and I thought I might share … Firstly we buy our beans green by the 150 pound (plus) burlap bags from Royal Coffee Co. and have it shipped to us. We have kept our beans in 5 gallon buckets in a cool place and have never had a problem with spoilage. Like you, we have gone through multiple evolutions of roasting techniques from cast iron pan to electric hot air popcorn popper, which I will add needs to be preferably a 1500 watt popper. The smoke from roasting is quite acrid and I have read (though can not verify) is carcinogenic so any thing that one does use to roast the beans in must be dedicated to that sole purpose and obviously should be done in a well ventilated area! (Read that as “outside”!) Now bearing in mind that a hundred-fifty pounds of coffee is a lot of coffee; one might choose to find others to share the purchase with, but we drink one pot of coffee a day. We always eventually have to buy more! Hope this helps. Yours in Faith and Liberty, From the Redoubt, – DB.

HJL’s Comment: While Royal Coffee does have some pretty good prices on their coffees, SurvivalBlog reader G.T. alerted us to this statement on their website. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend doing business with a company that is so blatantly supporting policies that are destroying the very foundation of America.