Letter Re: Clayton Moore


Regarding your top note on September 14th, this was an interesting story on The Lone Ranger and Houston. I worked for the Houston Post Newspaper at the time when this happened. A Southwest Airlines baggage handler stole his luggage, guns, and all. It was a slow news day I guess, so every newspaper and TV station covered it. The city of Houston had probably half the city detectives out looking for the luggage. The mayor, the governor, everybody was in an uproar. The governor even sent out some Texas Rangers to help on the case. Some years later I spoke with a customer who was a retired Texas Ranger and had worked on this case. He told me that the Rangers took this theft VERY personally, as Clayton Moore was very well thought of by the Texas Rangers, as you can imagine. Clayton Moore was hugely popular in Texas and always was. I’m surprised the thief wasn’t given a capital sentence! After the guns were recovered, the mayor, police chief, and governor were all there when he was given his guns back at a news conference. The trial was a hoot. You can read some of it in the attached article above. He was good people, as my father would say. N.S.