Letter Re: Availability of Additional “Where There is No…” Series Books

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I know you are a big fan of the book Where There is no Doctor. (English International Edition by D. Werner ISBN 0-333-51651-6 Published by MacMillan), and Where There is No Dentist (by M. Dickson ISBN 9-780942-364057.) Published by Hesperian, but did you know that there are three more books in the same series that I believe would be helpful if TEOTWAWKI happens? These are:

Where There is No Psychiatrist by V. Patel ISBN 1901242757 Published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists – Survivalists are unlikely to need psychological help for mental illness from the stress but a lot of the sheeple will.

Where Women Have No Doctor by A. Burns, R. Lovich, J. Maxwell & K. Shapiro. ISBN 0-333-64933-8 Published by MacMillan – this is a health guide for women and girls to help them identify common medical problems and treatments. Covers sexual and mental health, diseases, pregnancy and childbirth, nutrition, disabilities and injuries. Uses clear simple language and hundreds of drawings.

Where There is No Vet by B. Forse ISBN 0333588991 Published by MacMillan – this should be of some help in looking after the goats et cetera.

I should say I have not yet got my copy of these three books yet. I know these book are publish by different publishers but they are all publish for TALC (http://www.talcuk.org) which is a UK charity set up to help health care in developing countries particularly Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. This link is a good source for information but may not be the best place to buy from as it is in England. I hope I have been some help and I hope that no one ever needs to use these books. Yours Sincerely, – Simon.