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Three Interesting Recent Economic Commentaries on

When doing some recent web research, I ran across three very interesting commentaries posted by the fine folks at at The first was by Peter Degraaf.  See: The second was by Emanuel Balarie on The Real Estate Bubble. See: The third was by Kevin DeMeritt, the president of Lear Financial, titled: “Greater Fools, Stocks, Real Estate and Gold.”See:

Letter Re: Insulated Concrete Forms for Home/Retreat Construction

James, Have been reading your Blog on Dome Homes. Was wondering if you have considered/ reviewed Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). They appear to have several uses, good thermal factor, ballistic protection, and they look fairly do it yourself. See: Can you comment on these? – B.V. JWR Replies:  ICF is an excellent construction method.  ICF houses are very well insulated and offer above average ballistic protection.  There are several competing makers, of whom PolySteel is the best known.  See the Survival Blog Archives for previous discussions on this topic.  

Letter Re: Poor Man’s Generator Power Transfer Switch

I am a newbie to your blog, also to blogs in general. Awesome job!!! You can power your home with a generator easily and Safely as follows: If your home has a electric dryer and your generator output is less than 30 amps (i.e. Coleman 5000 Watts = 20 amps) Kill your main inbound voltage, main breaker/ disconnect et cetera.Use a male twist lock NEMA plug that fits the outlet from the generator, use appropriate cable (10/3 S.O. cord) size it to the amperage output of the generator (10 AWG  / 30 amps) for short lengths. Use a male dryer …

Two Letters Re: Truck, Auto, ATV, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Tire Repair

Hi, I am no tire expert, but I always have a tire repair kit on hand with self vulcanizing plugs. I have put these in my radial tires and driven thousands of miles with them. They work with any tubeless tire (even small tractors, etc) and I have never had one fail on me yet. They work for punctures such as nails, thorns, etc. For tears or rips it’s either a new tire or a larger internal patch. These plugs will work on the side wall too, but tend to fail after a while. It is better to replace that …

Letter Re: The Ten Cent Challenge

I am thankful you started the Survival Blog in August of 2005. I firmly believe we must support those who educate and advocate what is correct and true.  People purchase newspapers and magazines, donate to others asking for different organizations on the side of the road. We give. I would like to appeal to all of the other readers out there. Please be honest with yourselves. If you come to this site at least once a month, and find the material of interest, motivational, compelling, as well as a resource full of other sites to cross-reference to, if this site …