Letter Re: Advice on Compact Solar-Powered Refrigerators for Insulin

I am a Type 2 diabetic. I think that diabetics like me, and even more so Type 1s (those with onset in childhood) will be at particular risk in the event of a catastrophe, whether it is localized, national, or global. What is your recommendation for a method to keep insulin refrigerated in a long term so-called “Grid Down” situation? A solar powered fridge? Thanks, – Ron in Alabama

JWR Replies: I recommend the Engel brand 12 VDC refrigerators sold by Safecastle. A modest-size photovoltaic power system, such as the 520 watt 4-panel packaged “cabin” system produced by Ready Made Resources would provide plenty of power to run a compact Engel DC refrigerator (such as Engel’s 22 quart capacity MT27) plus a flashlight battery charging tray and a couple of small lights.OBTW, for some other useful suggestions on insulation, including oral insulin, just type the word “insulin” in the Search Posts on SurvivalBlog window, near the top of the right hand bar.