Note from JWR:

Anyone looking for a survival retreat in North Carolina should see the new listing at for a 130 acre parcel called the Rolling Meadows Retreat. OBTW, we are actively looking for more retreat property listings in the eastern US. Note that our ads are free at for our first few months of operation!

Letter Re: A Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) Card Lock Account as a Preparedness Measure

Sir: I work for a truck company and came up with an idea that may be useful to others out there. We fill our trucks up with diesel at Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). We do this for a couple reasons such as it is more cost effective and low key. From a city survivalist point of view its a great location to acquire fuel in two situations. One would be the natural disaster scenario where one is trying to flee the city only to find that regular stations are out of fuel. At this point they could divert low key …

Letter from David in Israel Re: QRP Radio Kits

James While the tuna tin theme is cute, for the price there are much better QRP rigs out on the market than I see at the web site. (Theirs are about the worst). The kits they shown here all look like they have the smallest transistors possible and are only able to make miracle DX on very special occasions as I suspect they would be hard pressed to kick out a whole watt. The other downside is that they are not transceivers just transmitters. I still think the best deal for the money is from Small Wonders. There is …

Odds ‘n Sods:

As mentioned in The Drudge Report, a pronouncement has come from the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, conclave: Fed Acts to Limit Credit Crisis Fallout. Meanwhile, we read: Bush Outlines Aid for Mortgage Holders. I don’t think anything that they do at this point will stop the debt bubble from bursting. This just the beginning of a huge financial debacle that will play out in the months and years to come. As I’ve said before, the macroeconomic implications are huge. I should also mention that I’m presently waiting for the other shoe to drop: commercial real estate. There were lots of foolish …

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“A gimmick is a brilliant solution to a non-existent problem. A gadget is what you use to solve a problem you didn’t know you had. A gizmo is what you use to solve a problem when you don’t have the know-how or skill to do it yourself. A tool is what you use to get real work done.” – R.H. Ruana, member, American Bladesmith Hall of Fame