Letter Re: A Practical Tip on Using Roof Catchment Rainwater

Mr. Rawles-

I sincerely appreciate your site and all of your efforts. In researching rain water collection recently, I came across a manual on rain water harvesting published by the Texas Water Development Board. While some of the data is Texas-specific, I found the overall information and descriptions of various harvesting systems to be extremely helpful. I suspect some of your readers may as well.

In addition, I have received notice from the good folks at Safecastle that their next Mountain House [long term storage food] sale will take place between May 23 and June 5 and will include a 25% discount for [Safecastle Royal] members. I have done business with Safecastle in the past, and was quite pleased. Please note, I will not receive anything for making this sale known, so I have nothing to gain. Respectfully, – Hunkajunk