Letter: Full Capacity Magazine Price Inflation and Scarcity

Greetings –
Just wanted to say “thank you” for suggesting the PTR-91 as a battle rifle option. I will freely admit to getting caught up in the AR-15 hysteria but I have come to my senses and saved money thanks to SurvivalBlog.

German surplus G3 alloy military surplus magazines in good to excellent condition are easily available in quantity for $3-to-$4 each. Contrast that with AR-15 mags at $15+ each, and that’s a 5:1 ratio. Or, for the same $90 folks are paying for a single AR-10 mag, they can get more than 25 surplus G3 mags, shipped! In addition, while AR-15s are nearly impossible to find at $1,000 or less, I am finding PTR-91s on the shelf for $1,100 just waiting to be bought. Yes, 7.62mm NATO is more expensive than 5.56 NATO, and the G3 mags are only 20-rounders, but all in all I can’t think of a better, low total ownership cost battle rifle than the PTR-91. – JT in Michigan