Letter from The Army Aviator Re: Follow-Up Letter From “Shooter” Re: The Draw Technique, or “Shooter’s Five Steps to Keeping Ten Fingers”

Shooter wrote: “as Instructor Greg told me last night, armed citizens will probably draw their weapons more times than they will shoot them in a potential lethal force encounter.” I’ve been carrying for over 40 years now and have always gone by the rule if you show your weapon to your opponent, it’s as you are firing it. To do otherwise is “brandishing” and giving away your advantage. I also carry a $20 wrapped around a matchbook with a rubber band. [This is the “throwaway” concept popularized by self defense writer Massad Ayoob.] Several years ago, in Aurora, Colorado, I was sort of accosted by a Hispanic group. Having identified the leader, I threw him the $20 and suggested that he “Go buy the boys some drinks on me.” They left. That was a lot cheaper than explaining why I killed the three of them. They never knew how close they came and it was none of their business. Just my two cents worth. Regards, – The Army Aviator