Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“Those open to warnings of the ongoing collapse have, by now, listened, understood and been moved to act. Perhaps further warnings are largely futile. It may even be too late for those who have not yet acted. The skills and resources now going into warning the unreceptive may be better directed elsewhere.

Some ‘warnings’ are little more than lead-ins to sales pitches. Preparationalism shouldn’t be a cause, or something akin to a business, committed to growing its base. If that’s the model then we’re captive to a model rather than builders of a resilient means for survival.

The preparationalist-survivalist movement is growing into its mature and natural form which, in its widest scope, includes restoring our inalienable rights and recovering our former Constitutional republic. The contrast to the general downdraft will be more persuasive than warnings. Keeping each other informed is a better use of resources.

We can neither retard nor hurry the pace of the collapse, nor can we warn those who will not be warned. While like-minded friends are welcome, better we should work on what is responsive to our efforts: the survival of our communities, ourselves and our liberty. When the fracture lets go completely, it may be barely enough.” – Ol’ Remus, in his Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report weekly blog