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“Survivalists are not the people living in bunkers that the media makes them out to be. Above all their primary goals revolve around self sufficiency.” – Jack Spirko

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  1. Michelle from Canada says:

    “Survivalists are not the people living in bunkers that the media makes them out to be. Above all their primary goals revolve around self sufficiency.”

    Survivalist are people who wish to be self sufficient, because they are aware of the fragility of the artificial society they live in. They also understand that economies are fragile and do crumble sometimes, civilizations vanish, and nothing is permanent not friendship, alliances, relationships, and not even the soil under your feet. Survivalists, or preppers want to give themselves some insurance to make life livable in extreme circumstances, whether it is a flood, hurricane, war times, economic difficulties like lost of employment or worse. You cannot be fully immunized to everything. There is the good in life and the bad is never far behind. You have to know what you can live with and what you cannot.

    It is the same with relationships. Some negative occurrence are acceptable to you and they won’t be to another person and vice versa. So you have to make up your mind concerning what you are willing and able to cope with and what you will absolutely not accept. Some people are very rigid, some are flexible. People do not enter relationships with the same motivations. So, when their desires are not met the relationship sometimes . disintegrate.

    In preparedness it works in a similar way. Some people want more preparedness because they want more assurances of things to go their way. Some don’t trust their follow men to the point of not being able to cooperate with them, others organize as a group and maintain contacts in many locations across the country and abroad. My mother’s friend was like this. She was not on the internet, she used the mail box profusely. I try to be like this. It is harder today.

    Self sufficiency from the supermarket, the shopping mall, government promises, I am all for it. Most people can reduce their dependency on the economic spending machine. They can become more aware and able to deal with a hurricane an ice storm, simply by knowing ahead of time what they intend to do for themselves.

    Self sufficiency and prepping is about being prepared. It is a way of thinking. I am driving the truck or car. Do I have booster cables? A spare tire? My tool box , antifreeze? Cell phone! Whatever you like to have.

    Self sufficiency is what you intend to do for yourself instead of hoping someone will do it for you.

    • Hugh James Latimer says:

      Some of us prep simply because we have had a hard time eating when things got tough. I lost my engineering job along with nearly 70,000 other engineers over a one year period back in 1991. There were engineers with doctorate degrees flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s for minimum wage that year. Never again! I will make sure my family is taken care of. That is my whole purpose right now. Of course, the media doesn’t care about that aspect of prepping because it doesn’t have the mass crises appeal of an economic disaster or an EMP etc…

  2. Michelle from Canada says:

    Dear Hugh,

    Hugh,Is it you who wrote this posting April 22, at m2:36 am?
    I can relate to your situation. We have been in the same boat, believe me. There should be an other name for this kind of layoff. The truth is, there is a lot more people going true this ordeal than we know. My husband was very well informed because he was the boss. He was manager of high technology teams. Now he is the technical expert in another company in the engineering department.

    At the time, the employees of that company gathered together and helped each other find employment. My husband was getting each of his employee in his office calling other companies to relocate them in a job they could do. Those guys were organized. There were over 16,000 of them in the company that were laid off at that time.
    You seam to have done well so far. This bad memory is behind you now. You will be Ok.

  3. Michelle from Canada says:

    Hello Hugh,

    I don’t understand what you are talking about.

    You obviously went fishing for information about the situation in the middle east with Jihad and slavery. I gave you more juicy stuff on your topic of women for sale on the auction block. I told you what they do with nine year old girls. Ya. nine years old. Consent? They don’t need that.
    I better finish my 12 pages.

    Your friend Michelle from Canada.

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