Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

“We want to be open-minded enough to accept radical new ideas when they occasionally come along, but we don’t want to be so open-minded that our brains fall out.” – Michael Shermer

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3 Responses to Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

  1. Michelle from Canada says:

    Hello Hugh,

    I do not often answer Quote of the day.
    But transmission and implantation of ideas is an interesting topic.

    If your brain falls out, you have a problem. Mine does not.

    Radical or not, we should have the wisdom to accept new ideas when they are improving things. When they bring in, new valid , useful information. Is this simple enough? Often, people are not able to accept what is new to them, no matter how good it is. They are comfortable with what they are familiar with. If you understand how people’s brain works, you can control their mind. It is not hard to do.

    Being truly knowledgeable, and having good discernment, will keep you in control of your mind.

    Radical new ideas are seeded in the mind, like you plant a seed. In time any idea if planted correctly, can grow.

  2. Hugh James Latimer says:

    @Michelle, There is also the aspect of morality. If you are so open that you accept an idea that is unethical, I would consider that your brain has fallen out. 🙂

  3. Michelle from Canada says:

    Dear Hugh

    So, yes. Your reply is cute. Thank you. Don’t worry, I will be good.
    I was referring to the ways to influence people’s mind. Some are simple. Some are sophisticated.
    A new idea is not necessarily a bad one. Discernment allows you to make the right choices in context with circumstances. From a moral point of view, if you make the wrong decision, there is usually a price to pay. It is largely a meter of common sense.

    By the way did you and James read my answer on guard dogs to James article April 8 2017?

    I replied to James comment (April 11 ,2017) on the article by the Australian journalist. James was so disappointed, I had to say something to cheer him up.

    I like writing.
    Your friend Michelle from Canada

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