A Great Wall: On Border Controls, Immigration, and National Survival

I have generally side-stepped the issue of immigration in SurvivalBlog, from the outset. Back in 2006, I explained why. But recent events have pushed this issue to the forefront of the national debate.  At this juncture, I’d like to make my position clear, even at the risk of perturbing some of my readers.  I can now see that immigration is not just a political issue or a policy issue. Rather, it is a matter of national survival.

Even before Donald J. Trump (DJT) was seated as U.S. president, there was huge disagreement on his planned immigration and border security policies. There are deep differences in the world views of American liberals and conservatives. Liberals tend to favor open borders and almost unlimited immigration.  In contrast, conservatives favor secure borders and quite limited immigration. The failing of most liberals is that they don’t look at the illegal immigration problem from a multi-generational viewpoint, and they fail to see the full implications of the macro scale changes to our demographics.

To fully understand this complex issue, it is apropos to step back and look at the historical context of our nation’s immigration policies, starting in the 18th century.

Immigration In and Before the 1700s

Before our War of Independence, Britain’s colonies in North America were settled by northern Europeans who were predominantly Christian. Most of them were English-speaking. And those that didn’t speak English soon learned the common tongue.  Most immigrants shared a common set of ethics and a quite similar moral framework. There were a few statistical outliers, but nearly all of them soon assimilated and adopted the American way of life.

Immigration in the 1800s

In the following century, there were several successive waves of immigration. Many of these created large demographic shifts. One of the biggest was the wave of  Irish immigration, which came amidst Ireland’s devastating Potato Famine. Each of these 19th century immigrant waves had their particular difficulties with assimilation. But again because most of them had a Christian worldview, they eventually fit in. Even the advent of Chinese immigrants–most of whom were distinctly non-Christian–succeeded in assimilation.

In the first and even second generation, many 19th century immigrant groups started newspapers published in their native languages. But most of these publications were not intended to be divisive or clannish.  They were in fact transitional tools. By the second or third generation, most of the non-English newspapers faded into obscurity.  The children and grand-children of immigrants simply had little or no interest in maintaining the language and culture of “The Old Country.” They were fully absorbed into the peaceable American culture.

Immigration in the 1900s

By the early 1900s, the waves of immigration were larger than ever but still manageable.  Full cultural assimilation was still the norm, and the Judeo-Christian ethic was still common ground for the vast majority of immigrants.  Starting in the 1920s, Congress began slowing immigration, particularly from southern Europe and Asia. Thankfully, by the time of the enormous economic dislocation of the Great Depression, immigration had slowed to a trickle.

The World War II Aberrations

Then, for a period of three years during World War II, fearing domestic terrorism, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Administration took the unprecedented step of ordering the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans, by Executive Order. This included even second generation (“neisei“) Japanese Americans who were native-born citizens! Similar measures were taken by Canadian authorities. Before Executive Order 9066 could get a full test of its constitutionality in the courts, the internment had already ended.

Japanese internment remains a black mark on American governance and jurisprudence. Belated redress payments letters of apology were finally issued by the U.S. government in the 1990s, under an order signed by President Reagan, and implemented under the first Bush Administration. It could safely be said that the Japanese internment was racist, because the corresponding program created to intern German and Italian immigrants was small, by comparison. (Just 31,000 Germans and Italians, nearly all of whom were foreign passport-holders.)

Also during WWII, to make up for a farm labor shortage created by the draft and mass military conscription, the U.S. started the Bracero contract guest worker program. This brought hundreds of thousands of largely uneducated peasant farm workers into the United States. While it did succeed in solving part of the labor shortage, the after-effects of this program are still being felt today. The Bracero program was phased out in the early 1960s. But that “taste of the good life” in El Norte spawned a flood of illegal immigration that is continuing today.

Post-War Immigration

Post-WWII policy for legal immigration became quite lax.  Following the sensibilities of liberal politicians, our official immigration policies began to consciously ignore the key factors of a common language, a predominant religion, a common and peaceable culture, and secure borders. For the past 50 years,  our nation has embarked on a campaign of what I consider cultural suicide. Up until 1965, immigration quotas favored people from Europe. But the Immigration and Nationality Act created a new system that favored selecting skilled immigrants and  “reunifying families”, rather than by-country quotas.

The composition of our population has also changed, as immigration policies have loosened, and birthrates have fallen. In 1970, just 4.7% of Americans were foreign-born. Today, it is more than 13%, and climbing.  That figure is similar to the “Ellis Island Era” immigration boom of the early 1900s, when that percentage was around 14%.  As of 2017, about 25% of children in American families had at least one foreign-born parent.

Since the Immigration and Nationality Act was enacted in 1965 immigration has been dominated by people born in Asia and Latin America, rather than in Europe. Starting in 1965, people groups who have little or nothing in common with American culture and Judeo-Christian ethics were allowed entrance, en masse. Even worse, radical Muslims with a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the American way of life were given equal preference to Christian and Jewish immigrants.  If current immigration trends continue, Islam could be the second-largest religion in the United States, by 2040.

A Lack of Vetting

During the Obama Administration, vetting of candidate immigrants nearly fell by the wayside. Large numbers of radicals fell through the cracks. These people have no intention of ever assimilating and living peacefully among us. They have brought foreign terrorism — typified by the September 11, 2001 attacks — to our shores. A growing list of terrorist events now punctuates our news headlines. The common thread: Foreign-born military age males who are adherents of radical Islam.

Many Americans now anticipate even more horrendous acts of terrorism. It is just a matter of time before one of these foreign terrorists gets hold of a weapon of mass destruction–be it nuclear, biological, chemical, or cyber. To clarify: I’m not a racist. I’m a realist. It is not racial identity that makes a good immigrant versus a bad immigrant, or a good tourist versus a bad tourist. I actually deny the very concept of “race”. (There is only one race, the human race.) But there is definitely a correlation between religious affiliation and a propensity for terrorism. America does not have a problem with Christian terrorism, or Jewish terrorism, or Hindu terrorism, or Sikh terrorism, or Buddhist terrorism, or Taoist terrorism, or Jainist terrorism, and certainly not Baha’i terrorism! But we do have an undeniable problem with Islamic terrorism. For Americans to ignore or downplay this fact is a divorce from reality.

The Extent and Cost of Illegal Immigration

As of 2014, it was estimated that there were 5.8 million illegal aliens from Mexico, and 5.3 million from other countries.  But those are just rough figures.  Nobody can provide a more precise or current figure. The fiscal costs are enormous. According to The Heritage Institute, there are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S., and these households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year.  The estimated cost of building the new border wall and fence will cost somewhere between $15 billion and $25 billion.  (A leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security in February estimated  $21.6 billion. So some claim that the wall/fence will effectively pay for itself, in just a few years.)

The liberals who predominate in the mass media and who make the most noise in Congress are in denial about the extent and impact of illegal immigration. They are now engaged in a war of words.  Most of our universities and major news outlets have banned use of the descriptive term “illegal alien.” In its place, they use the fanciful fabricated terms “undocumented residents” or “undocumented immigrants”.  Actor James Woods once famously said: “Calling illegal aliens ‘undocumented immigrants’ is like calling heroin dealers ‘undocumented pharmacists.'”

The Plain Truth

It is time to speak the plain truth about immigration in general and Islam in particular. Traditional Islam is a war-like syncretic religion that has the stated goal of world domination. It is not, as the liberal whiners claim, “a religion of peace”.  In fact the word islam itself means “submission”. By that, their claimed prophet Muhammad meant: “submission to the will of Allah.”  In numerous suryas, the Koran calls for the forced conversion or death of all non-believing “infidels” and a holy war (jihad) against any and all who defy Islamic domination. Liberals are quick to point out that many modern Muslims claim to have discarded those tenets. That is true. But their own Koran states that any Muslim who does not adhere to all of the Koran’s teachings should also be treated as an infidel.  And that is what their radical minority believes and how they operate. That is what all of the Wahhabist madrasah are teaching.

Even if we take the very conservative estimate of only 2% of Muslims deserving the label radical jihadis, then we still have a big problem. Here’s the math:

World Population: 7.6 billion

World’s Islamic Population: 1.6 billion

Estimate of World’s Radical Islamic Population (2% of 1.6 billion): 3,200,000

U.S. Population: 325,677,000

U.S. Islamic Population: 3.45 Million

Estimate of U.S. Radical Islamic Population (2% of 3.45 million): 69,000

To me, seeing the figure of 69,000 ticking time bombs is not reassuring. To allow extremist Islamists entrance to our country is an enormous mistake. Positive vetting on a case-by-case basis to weed out these fanatics is a wise policy.  Individual vetting must be done for both candidate immigrants and for tourists seeking visas. I would even go so far as to suggest periodically re-vetting any foreign-born military age males with Islamic names that are here as permanent residents (Green Card holders) but not yet citizens. Any who are of bad character should be deported from the country.

Now please don’t confuse me with the likes of FDR.  What I’m talking about here is deporting (not locking up) some untrustworthy non-citizens, following individual hearings. In contrast, what FDR did was indiscriminately imprison people, some of who were full U.S. citizens, without due process.

We must also abandon the absurd practice of “random screening” that calls for searching grandmas and toddlers in equal numbers as foreign-born military age males.  The plain truth is that more than 90% of the deaths by terrorism in our country since 2000 can be directly attributed to foreign-born military age Islamic males. Therefore, YES, we should indeed “profile” them! Stop groping Granny, and start searching and interrogating those guys.

A Fence, Not a Wall

The Trump Administration’s planned “border wall” is a logical, well-calculated  reaction to a growing threat.  It is planned as a true wall structure only in a few, short, heavily-populated sections. Through 97% of its length, it will just be a sophisticated fence. This fence will be difficult to scale and have advanced intrusion sensors. But it will not be nearly as formidable as Israel’s anti-vehicular/anti-intrusion fence on the Egyptian border. (See photo.)  A more robust border fence will help protect us from illegal immigration from Mexico, as well as “through-migration” of illegals from throughout Central America, who use Mexico as a conduit.  It has also been documented that some illegals from Middle Eastern countries have been flying to Mexico and then walking across the Mexico-U.S. border.  So a stout fence and wall system will help reduce that traffic as well.

The Constitutional Flaw

One flaw of the Constitution is that its framers included a clause that it automatically makes anyone born on American soil an American citizen, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. This is codified under Title 8 U.S.C. § 1401.  Sadly, our Founders could not have foreseen modern air travel.  This constitutional flaw has unfortunately created what are commonly called Anchor Babies. I advocate a Constitutional Amendment that would change that, putting U.S. citizenship policy more in alignment with that of most European countries.

Our Survival Is At Stake

Most modern pundits underestimate the threat posed by illegal immigration.  It has become so rampant that it now constitutes an invasion. Most of the illegal immigrants from Mexico are peaceable folks, but amongst them are some hardened criminals, sexual predators, and even some quite radical racist and leftist revolutionaries.  (For further reading , do web searches on the words  “reconquista” and “Aztlan”.)

Meanwhile, allowing legal immigration by unvetted foreign-born applicants is downright suicidal.

There is only one way that any nation can survive in the long term (that is, multi-generationally): To maintain its integrity, any sovereign nation must have secure borders, a unifying peaceable culture, and a common language. Any nation that ignores those three factors is doomed. – JWR


    1. There have been around 3,130 terror killings in the United States since 2000. 2,977 of those deaths were on 9-11-2001. The only other large attacks were the Beltway sniper shootings (17 dead) the Orlando nightclub shooting (53 dead), the 2015 San Bernadino attack (24 dead), the Boston Marathon bombings (5 dead), Fort Hood shootings (13 dead), 2105 Chattanooga shootings (5 dead). the 2016 New York and New Jersey bombings (34 dead), and the Las Vegas concert attack (58 dead.)

      In all but two of those, the terrorist killers were radical Muslims.

      So I can now see that my estimate of 90% was too low. It is actually closer to 96%.

      For detailed figures, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorism_in_the_United_States

  1. I don’t consider the writers of the 14th amendment “framers of our constitution” or “founders”. That was one of the “reconstruction” amendments. I consider them illegitimate.

    1. Terry

      You may not like them, but they are completely legitimate. To suggest otherwise is incorrect. I disagree with the NFA, it does not change the fact that it is the legitimate law of the land.

      1. Actually the NFA is completely unconstitutional. The federal government was specifically denied the right to have and opinion, let alone write any law restricting the individual ownership of any firearm. That authority belongs only to the States and then only by due process of law. That would be: a crime committed, an investigation of that crime, an arrest, a charge a trial and a conviction. Then and only then do they get to impose a sentence. It does not mean a few politicians sitting around in the proverbial smoke filled room issuing immoral dictates to appease their corporatist masters. That includes organizations, like the brady campaigns, who are listed as non profits. They are corporations too.

        1. Charles K

          I deal in reality sir. Arguing the constitutionality of a law that has been in place 85+ years and survived more than it’s share of legal challenges on the Internet is pointless. And disagreeing with the laws content (which I vociferously do) and writing treaties on blog sites is NOT going to keep you out of prison if the Feds kick in your door and find your unregistered selective fire carbine. You can try your argument in court, if you so desire. I assure you, however, that you will lose.

    2. The phrase “…any person born within and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.” Is not intended to include those here illegally and those who come here for illegal reasons (i.e. to have a baby with the intent to extort citizenship for the rest of the family). An original intent SCOTUS could easily decide that phrase means only people who are legally here and not to include tourists.

        1. I am not a lawyer but I believe that the Supremes have never ruled on it. But regardless if the Supremes can find a woman’s right to an abortion in the constitution finding this should be a piece of cake

  2. As I see the division among this countries people, and the direction our government is taking, I feel obligated to keep my person and family protected, and stand ready to speedily introduce any of these “military aged young men” to their reward of 72 virgins

    1. Our host was clandestinely supplied with a progressive liberal calculator that automatically underestimates everything. For a moment, I was thinking, “Wow, 6900 wouldn’t even put a dent in my 5.56 stash’

      1. D.D. I agree! When I read that I thought to myself “I could handle that logistically just on what’s in my garage, wouldn’t even have to hit the crawl space…..”

      2. D.D.:
        Nice! I have to add that i would not notice any depletion in my .308 ammo either. How ever it would very much suck to be ANY of the 69,000 sent to hell on a shutter to visit Mr. Luis Cypher and his unruly hord of miscreants, weather it be by 5.56 OR .308 at any rate they would get there just deserts! And it would be served with extreme prejudice!

  3. Of the many concerns I have about immigration, is that the Progressives who want to be lenient with anyone who walks across our border to live in the US, is ignoring the critical component of citizenship: Swearing an oath to defend, obey and support our nation and Constitution. Now while oaths, covenants, and promises are seen by many today as outdated and old-fashion, they are essential in establishing a unified and stable society that will hold people accountable. But instead, now we have those who come here who will pursue the same cultural norms that made their home country they fled from a mess. When people come into my home, I expect them to behave,mind their manners, and obey my rules. But the Progs in their gated communities far from reality are clueless in this regard. I wish they were obliged to take in all the immigrants, legal or otherwise, into their multiple mansions to live. Maybe then they would learn something about unintended consequences.

    1. Ron:
      You would not be speaking of the non Christian, bleeding heart, give them a participation trophy for just showing up and demanding everything fo nothing, snowflake, lead ingesting, window licking, Kommunist, socialist fascist, progressive, Democratic Party sell out the the country at moments notice for money and power, emotionally bankrupt, and morally corrupt wanna be globalist? You weren’t talking about that type of person and /or people were you?
      I believe you are absolutely correct they need to a lesson about unintended consequences then they might actually grow some common sense, morality….ya ya ya Iknow another pipe dream. Long live the Sheepdogs of our beloved country.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Rawles. Immigration is our most important issue. Almost no other issue has more permanent consequences, and no other issue would be helped by massive endless 3rd world immigration.
    I am a longtime Democrat and liberal on many issues. My eyes were opened years ago about immigration when I learned about the 1965 Immigration Act of 1965. Everything its critics claimed would happen has happened. All of the promises made by the proponents of the 1965 Immigration Act turned out to be lies. Also, the lies we have been told about immigration policy has never ended.we were promised enforcement of immigration as a trade-off for passing the 1986 Amnesty. That amnesty was supposed to be the end of illegal immigration and was only supposed to be for about 300,000 illegals. Hundreds of thousands gamed the system and lied to be accepted. Workers at the immigration department complained to their superiors and tried to hold up from legalizing fraudulent claimants but they were told to let everyone through as it was to be a one time amnesty and we needed to get rid of the bottleneck of people waiting. 3 million were approved, not 300,00 as we were promised.
    In 1995 Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, an African American democrat led the 1995 Congressional and bipartisan congressional commission on immigration. her commission concluded immigration hurt wrong Americans and called for less legal immigration and an end to illegal immigration and provided a dozen common-sense solutions all of which were applauded by then president Clinton yet never implemented. In the place of the solutions of the Jordan commission we now only get calls for more and more amnesties.
    in today’s cultural Marxist open border globalist climate Barbara Jordan would be called a racist white supremacist nazi by her fellow Democrats.
    Immigration has become about three things, profit, power, and punishment. the billionaire open border globalists have allied themselves with a broad group of powerful corporate, ethnic, religious, academic and political groups who are trying to import a new electorate and who have bought the media and both parties. I recommend everyone join numbersusa and read vdare.com every day to educate themselves on immigration.
    I want to emphasize we should not demonize immigrants the way we who want less immigration are demonized. immigrants are not the problem, they only want to take your jobs or country, the problem is our fellow citizens working successfully to make that happen.
    And for my religious friends, remind yourselves that even heaven has a border and an angel at the gate.

    1. Mr. Moffet & Mr. Rawles:
      Both you gentlemen have outstanding articles here today thank you both for your hard work. Please allow me to add, We The People need to remind our “employees” who they work for and what they are supposed to be doing what they are NOT allowed to do!

  5. I agree JWR. I do think that it is too late to get a handle on the illegal immigration issue. The Trojan Horse has entered the city and it will not survive the invasion. Not so much from the actual invaders but for the left that supports them.

  6. JWR makes excellent points but is way too conservative on the damage that illegal immigrants do to this country. I know there are many good folks who just want a better life, but because of liberal nut cases, more bad people are let in with them. Stop and think of all the diseases these folks have brought into America, exposing our children to diseases this country has not had in 60 years. Think of the cost of medical care not only for illegals but for your families. Think of illegals working with food and spreading diseases. Read about all the epidemics currently going thru America. Think of the deaths of innocent American citizens caused by illegals, by disease, drunk driving, not speaking English, violent crime, not obeying the simplest of laws, not paying taxes and taking welfare, and of course terrorism. I believe we are all God’s children, but remember what God did to Noah’s generation and to Sodom and Gomorrah. Maybe he is ready to look at California now.

  7. I believe that the influx of Muslims into most western countries is an attempt to destroy the indigenous cultures of these countries. The real danger isn’t the short term terrorist attack, altho this is certainly painful to those immediately affected by such an act, but the long term destruction of the cultures of these countries. When I look at the policies of these western countries I wonder who is behind these policies. Certainly these are very smart leaders who should know better. Therefore it begs the question why are they all doing it. Is there some more sinister goals behind these failures to protect the people of their countries?
    Is there a master plan to destroy western culture as we know it? Is the damage to European culture beyond repair?

    1. Terrorism is merely a distraction.
      The real ground war is being won by transplanting millions of muslims from their third world “countries” to the Western world via legal immigration.
      This has been going on for decades.
      They know, also, that they will outbreed us probably 3 to 1. In less than ten generations, they will become the majority. All they have to do is wait.

        1. Tom, Ned2,Lineman:
          I agree with all three of y’all. They use our current corrupt immigration laws against us WITH the help of some of our corrupt “employees” . Abe Lincoln said : the U.S. Would not fall from a enemy from the outside but from a enemy within, in this case, corrupt ” employees” who flat out refuse to see the forest for the trees and all the care about is power and money and saying it’s what the people want.
          They want a holy war for a multitude of reasons but 3 stick out in my mind predominantly 1) A distraction so that our corrupt “employees” can continue to be corrupt with being called on the carpet for there wrongful actions. 2) To keep up the hate between the Islamist extremist and Christians. 3) Kill off as many Christians as possible which would in turn kill off our American culture. Now I am sure that there are many more items that could, and should be listed here but I believe these dominate the our future as a American country and culture. I can’t be to far off?

  8. I disagree that internment for Japanese, German and Italian citizens was a “black mark”.
    It was a logical and natural reaction to being at war with Japan, Germany and Italy, and it’s also well documented that many Japanese, German and Italian citizens were spying for and sympathetic to their ancestral roots.
    We should be doing the same to our muslim population. We’re at war with islam, yet continue to import thousands of muslims a year.
    This is pure cultural suicide.
    If we’re going to survive as a culture, we need to stop placating the lefty lunatics among us and start acting for real positive change.

  9. “The failing of most liberals is that they don’t look at the illegal immigration problem from a multi-generational viewpoint”

    Never assume leftists actually mean what they say. Those who changed immigration policy in 1965 swore everything that happened since was impossible. Leftists know 3rd word immigration will be votes for more free stuff, & more permissive corruption.

    A 60IQ HIV+ somali moslem refusegee increases the GDP by more than an RN since all govt spending counts toward GDP. Sanctuary cities boast “rotten Boroughs” when the census counts illegals.

    1. Well of course it is anyone with a brain can see that… Problem is no one wants to take the steps needed to do anything about it because they expect their politicians to do it for them…

  10. In regards to the southern border:

    For years, our elected idiots have refused to fund laws already passed to construct a border wall/fence/barrier.
    They have also refused to enforce current immigration laws, especially penalties against employers who hire illegals.
    Hopefully that’s beginning to change.
    But looking at illegal immigrants as “mostly peaceable folks” is a mistake. They are economic migrants, who care nothing for the United States nor our laws and culture. They would all be perfectly happy if Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado became part of Mexico again.
    Our biggest mistake is trying to be “nice” to people. We have to face unpleasant facts and act without emotion.

    1. And then once they had that and turned that into a h**lhole they would be crossing into those states that butted up against it…That’s what parasites do…

  11. “writers of the 14th amendment … I consider them illegitimate”

    Anchor babies were created in the 1980s by a judge waving his gavel. The 14th amendment doesn’t apply to anchor babies as they are not under the “jurisdiction thereof”. The author of the 14th stated clearly who would and wouldn’t be citizens in newspaper articles.

    As proof the 1980s judge was wrong Native Americans didn’t become citizens until 70 years after the 14th amendment was passed.

    1. SC:
      I do not agree with you in full about our 14th Amendment. At the time that that it was put in place there were a great many of things in 1868 that our “employees” of our that era could not of foreseen. We The People need to properly and appropriately amend it accordingly.
      As far as Native American brothers and sisters they get to choose.

  12. There is a statist tool that could make millions of illegal aliens self deport. While I greatly dislike civil asset forfeiture, this bad policy could be used to good ends by applying it to real property ownership of illegals. The property is being used to further criminal acts – residing in the US. The prospect that forfeiture of land, housing and other titled property would incentive the owners to sell and return home.

  13. I agree with tenants JWR has put forth, my only reservation to the wall is that walls work two ways, they keep people out, but also keep people in, ie, the berlin wall.

    1. Carl, while I understand the point you’re making; I disagree on your point vis’ a vis’ the Berlin Wall. The border wall here will not keep ‘us’ (or anyone else) in the U.S.; the resources as well as the resourcefulness of the American people, is significantly greater than that of post WWII Berlin. If anyone here wants out, I’m sure we can facilitate that. And should, heaven forbid, the wall be said to keep us in – the backlash from that would be violent indeed.
      As an aside, the analogy that “heaven has a gate” and an angel guarding it, wins the Internet for the week.

    2. Carl:
      Build the Wall.
      Arm the wall.
      Anything that comes over, under,or through the Wall without permission gets dead.
      Lady’s and gentlemen I give you the The Wall.

      1. Tom & D.D.:
        Very true D.D. And of course they, the former illegal now illegally turned into a legal citizen, will, out of gratitude, continue to help perpetuate the cycle.
        As one of our own fellow bloggers reminded me a couple of days ago “A Republic If We Can Keep It”!

  14. Weather a country is Invaded by a foreign army or by unarmed foreign immigrants and fugitives, the end result is the same: they force a change in culture, way of life and political control…

    1. Yep it’s not immigration and never has been…It’s always been an invasion and most people are just now waking up to that fact… Hopefully it’s not to late…

  15. The end game is Muslim domination through social jihad. Many surveys have shown that muslims prefer sharia law instead of Constitutional Law. As Washington dithers, the American Republic collapses, partially under the weight of immigration, legal and illegal, and because of the sources of much of this immigration (third world nations which are ungoverned and ungovernable).

  16. Mus, but the new visitors/citizens are about to change that.lims are pouring into Canada by the plane load. They are also walking into Canada via Vermont and being welcomed with NO security checks. They are leaving the US for a variety of reasons, mostly overstaying visas.
    It is very easy to get back into the US from Canada, as Canadians are peaceful

  17. There is something wrong with all this talk of building and funding a wall. The big question is “What happened to the original funding and who was responsible for the building to be stopped? ” In the early 2000,s the wall was funded and building commenced, There is a large section in Cochise County not far from Sierra Vista, AZ. And I believe other places. I want to know the who, what, where and why? This information is not being brought forth and might possible change a lot of voters minds about involved candidates in the next election cycle. This authorized new wall will cost us at least double today, and there is no way to estimate the other costs to the taxpayers, loss of lives, lives ruined by drug traffic etc. if the original wall was built when scheduled. Again who is responsible?

  18. A very tough problem but a handful of very simple actions/laws could effectively combat this problem.

    1. Make that act of being in this country illegally a felony.
    2. Make it illegal with some serious penalties to hire anyone here illegally.
    3. Make it illegal to knowingly aid and abet anyone here illegally. This would include renting to them, hiding them, literally giving them aid in any manner.
    4. Offer a reward to any citizen for information leading to the arrest and deportation of anyone here illegally.
    5. Pass a specific law that requires illegals to be physically deported or removed from U.S. territory within 24 hrs of capture. No recourse, no lawyer, no 9th circuit court of appeal.

  19. Interesting to note that liberals pushing for more immigrants really only want immigrants of a certain type. As long as immigrants are NOT christian, NOT well educated, or NOT white, they are welcome by the liberal left. Trump had it right about the “s***holes”. Does anyone want to immigrate to Haiti, El Salvador, or sub-sahara Africa? H**l, nobody wants to vacation there either. I wonder why?

  20. To further educate oneself on the reality and history of Islam versus humanity please visit Dr. Bill Warner’s excellent site: https://www.politicalislam.com/

    His research and analysis supports JWR’s understanding. Warner’s many free videos are also illuminating. Share widely to help save Christianity and America.

  21. 1) We should be guided by two major considerations: a) What is in the best interest of the American People and (b) What are the FACTS?
    2) First FACTS is that the giant US News corporations exist solely to lie to the American People on behalf of their rich masters — and their biggest lie is that they exist to inform the voters.
    3) I support Trump’s immigration policy and his attempt to provide jobs to Americans. What are the FACTS?
    a) The same Democratic leaders — and their buttkissing liars in the news media — loudly claim that Trump is racist.

    b) But the FACTS show that it is the Democratic leaders who are the racists –in line with their historical legacy. That the Ku Klux Klan should give Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democratic Congressional Caucus honorary memberships — for stabbing black Americans in the back far more effectively than anything the Klan has ever accomplished.

    c) Obama and the Democratic Congresses of 2007-2010 dumped 8 years of massive 15% unemployment and poverty onto black Americans. Spending $1 Trillion a year to defend the foreign investments of Democratic billionaires while doing nothing to protect places with some of the highest murder rates on the planet. This is why Bernie got so many votes — because real rank and file Democrats are getting fed up with the deceit of the Democratic leadership. Democrats are having to call themselves progressives nowdays because they don’t want to be confused with the Clintonian sellout globalist prostitutes.

    d) Black Americans’ real median net worth –their life savings — dropped by HALF from 2007 to 2013 — where was Trump’s critics then?
    From https://www.federalreserve.gov/econres/notes/feds-notes/recent-trends-in-wealth-holding-by-race-and-ethnicity-evidence-from-the-survey-of-consumer-finances-20170927.htm

    “Median net worth fell about 30 percent for all groups during the Great Recession. However, for black and Hispanic families, net worth continued to fall an additional 20 percent in the 2010-13 period, while white families’ net worth was essentially unchanged, and other families’ net worth fell a more modest 10 percent.”

    e) What could be more racist than stabbing black Americans in the back and then letting foreigners in to take the few jobs that there are? All to pander to a racist La Raza — which puts loyalty to a foreign ethnic group above loyalty to ones fellow Americans.

    Note that unemployment among Hispanic Americans was also high — 12% — during the Obama terms.

  22. 1) I do , however, disagree with JWR’s claim that Islam is a “war-like syncretic religion that has the stated goal of world domination”. For one thing, the Sunnis and Shites are too busy fighting each other to turn outward — absent a provocation.
    2) The facts are that the weak Islamic world has been raped and plundered for a century — first by the British Empire and then by America’s Big Oil. Slaves don’t have a warrior religion.

    That , of course, is no reason to not exterminate Al Qaeda, ISIS and any other group that targets American citizens. But some of our hatred should be reserved for the manipulators among us who think US soldiers should die to protect their foreign investments and protect their stealing.

    3) In his memoir “Countercoup” , CIA officer Kermit Roosevelt described how he overthrew the lawfully elected government of Mossadagh in Iran and put the dictator Shah upon the Throne. Kermit notes that the coup was first urged by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company — now known as British Petroleum — after Mossadagh’s government nationalized Iran’s oil wells because BP refused to pay anything other than paltry royalities. The puppet Shah then let BP and Houston loot Iran — and sent his torturers after any Iranians who objected.

    4) In 1997-98, Bin Laden gave three reasons why Al Qaeda would declare war on the US if things did not change. One reason was that for almost a century Washington has used military force to keep a small Saudi dictatorship in power in exchange for Big Oil being allowed to such Saudi oil deposits dry. Has anyone seen Big Oil’s puppets promoting regime change to install Democracy within Saudi Arabia, UAE or Kuwait?

    5) But it is the SECOND reason Bin Laden gave that shows the two-faced deceit of our Democrat leaders and our news media. They attack Trump for his move to restrict US visits by people in several countries — but they FAIL to note that people in those countries have a strong reason to attack us.

    During his term, Bill Clinton killed 500,000 children in Iraq by bombing water plants and then blocking the import of water purification materials with sanctions — thereby triggering a cholera pandemic. People in a desert having no choice but to drink from the few polluted rivers.

    This is not AL Qaeda propaganda — Doctors without Borders predicted the pandemic in the early 1990s and the Red Cross acknowledged it had occurred circa 1998. Here is the response Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright gave when asked about it on 60 Minutes:

    “We think it’s worth it.”

    6) So Bill Clinton killed 500,000 muslim children. Hillary voted for an unnecessary war to seize non-existent nukes that killed at least 100,000 more Muslim non-combatents. Yet Democrat news media claims that it is Trump who is mistreating Muslims.

    Again, the news corporations don’t exist to tell you the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. They exist to lie to you. And covering the facts is just as effective as telling outright falsehoods.

  23. JWR got it right. These “Illegals” do not want to assimilate. They do not learn English. Check with your local school district if you have any doubts. Look at their demographic information and how many are enrolled in ESL (English second language). The numbers are rapidly increasing. Time to make a change and treat “illegals” as the criminals that they are. If you have any doubts look at London (Moslem Mayor) and Wisconsin many Moslem areas where Moslems are the majority.

  24. I never see any talk of Mexico changing the way they do things.that causes people to risk walking many miles through the desert.
    Citizens and new legal immigrants just are not what they used to be.No love of country or a desire to assimilate are what I see much of. Just look at all the people who refer to themselves as Mexicans or African Americans.I never bring up or hyphen my American citizen status.
    I also tell my children to mark my words about Muslims becoming a problem in the future.They just don’t blend well with the west.

  25. Read “Who Are We – The Challenges To The American National Identity”, Samuel P. Huntington, 2004. Then read his book “The Clash Of Civilizations”. 1996. Read them both, cover to cover.

  26. Bravo! A fantastic, concise explanation of the problem America will face for centuries to come. Another problem arising from uncontrolled immigration is what it has done to American education. Schools have to waste resources and time teaching basic English instead of reading and writing. My former high school was once the top academic institution in the state, sending well-prepared students to Ivy League colleges and winning Merit Scholarships. Today it’s an academic s+++hole. Over 50% of students from my state have to take remedial classes in college. And that’s just the ones who actually want to go to college. What’s the achievement level of those who don’t?

    This particular liberal policy is leading to the Balkanization of America and it will never be mended.

  27. I live in the second largest county in Wa.state.The 2010 census came back as 41 percent latino population.
    Some of these are legal, most are not. The gang graffiti and the endless shootings are deplorable.
    Our government feeds, and shelters this at my expense.
    Just this week a 15 year old was arrested for killing a 17 year old.
    The farmers love paying cash for them tax free.
    As stickers around town say, democrats are indeed communists

  28. Not to sound like my “tin foil hat” is on too tight, but why are white Christian nations being flooded with these savages ?

    It makes absolutely no sense. White Christian politicians advocating the invasion, murder and overtaking of their own countries by these murderous lunatics.

    It’s as if some mysterious group of people is trying to eliminate the white race.

  29. Truth be told I am sure the percentage is more than 2% probably more than 20% there is no such thing as radical Islamist but Islam is radical that is if you are a non Muslim. As JWR pointed out we are infidels and the Koran doesn’t deal with us kindly. A country with no defined border will soon lose their identity as a country. I applaud this spot on article. This is why I read your blog daily sir. God bless. Pictures I saw of refugees were of young fighting men. We have been invaded Without a shot.

      1. Pig Farmer & Lineman :
        I personally know a Democrat in my own family that believes that we should, as a punishment, feed pork to muslims when caught after and/or during an attempted terrorist act. I think he’s a closet conservative. I bet if someone offered him 10% off of ammo he’d probably come out of the closet.

  30. People need to remember the USA is our country and we control it. (or we should). Mexico has no right to tell us what to do on our borders.There treatment of Illegals sure is not the best. In Mexico, a Mexican citizens even have a right to arrest you and turn you into authorities.
    The United States spends $338,300,000,000.00 a year on programs for illegals. This amount includes-programs for education,assistance programs for food stamps,WIC, School lunches,housing,medical,prison inmates,money in suppressed American wages by illegals. The list goes on and on.
    I am a person who grew up with Mexicans and have many friends. All of them were proud to be here and wanted to work and become a US citizen.Now it seem to be,give me this and that and we are entitled to get free stuff. They have lost the will to work hard. This idea is not only Mexicans, but so many other from s–t hole country’s.The muslin problem will only grow much bigger because the liberals think it is our obligation to bring them here. Not i n my book. If they think so highly of them put them up in your home.
    We treat our Vets like they don’t matter. How many of them served? We need to do some serious ass kicking to our officials who think that we need to pay the bills for all these Government programs. Lets vote them “OUT”.
    I am an old guy now pushing 80 and have seen how our country has gone down hill because our elected officials have no more moral oblation to we the “People”. We can only pray to God for there is no one else who seems to want to help us.
    Gods blessing to all this New Year.
    The Gman

    1. Gman :
      You know Gman your words have been ringing in my head for the last two days and you know it’s cause you are banging the same drum that many of us here at Survival Blog beat. You go right on ahead and beat that drum and when your done do it again and again and again……..and when your done start all over again! This an issue that never leave the American conversation and consciousness EVER! We spend a giant fortune on illegal aliens on a daily basis and we get nothing in return. It time it stopped. We need to take that $338,300,000,000 a year expense and spend on something like our Vets, our Active Duty Military. Hey, here is a good one, how about we put a large dent in National Debt? I, like you, am beyond sick and tired of working my tail off and seeing my money go to someone who will work but under the table and not one cent goes back into the system or worse they won’t work and they think that there entitled to your and my money and good will on a unending basis. NO MORE, the bank is closed and bankrupt!
      Keep banging that drum brother ’cause this one bandwagon that has endless amount of room for all of our fellow Americans!
      Gman God Bless you and yours.

  31. I am the grandson of an immigrant. Pepe’ came over in ’24 from Northern Italy ( the Alps) I see his name on the Ellis Island Web Site, even down to the picture of the steamer he crossed the pond on. He stated a sponsor,(his brother), a prospective job, and an address to live at. He went through a physical exam and questioning by the immigration authorities. Do the Feds still do that? He worked in the local rock quarry (basalt)till the day he died. He (along with my Dad) taught me how to hunt, fish, garden, and pound nails. He Learned English (although not that well!)People are horrified when I tell them I grew up eating squirrels, rabbits, and frog legs. HAHA You can’t put a value on that kind of education!

  32. Here’s a contrarian view.

    Most farmers want more immigration. 20% of the fruits and vegetables grown in the US go unharvested for lack of labor.

    And those of you advocating harsh penalties for illegals, do you really think that won’t be used against you someday? Case in point: the RICO statute. Its original purpose was to get tough on organized crime. Who likes the Mob, right, so most people thought, sure, go get them. But the law was written so broadly that years later, it was used against anti-abortion activists.

    Most Hispanics I encounter are polite, cheerful, and hard-working. Unlike some of the rude, surly whites who act they are doing you a huge favor to wait on you.

    I deal with terrorists all the time. They come in two types: juvenile delinquents who trespass and vandalize my property, and local government that wants to outlaw my traditional, self-reliant lifestyle and property use. In both cases, they are not Muslims. They are white and middle class.

  33. Although this article started out as a conversation about Building The Wall On Our Southern Border and The Severe Illegal Alien Invasion and The Immigrant Invasion happening in our great country as we speak another topic has reared its ugly head Public/Civil Employee Corruption.
    It goes without saying that we know the DEMOCRATIC, snowflake progressive socialist fascist lead ingesting window licking sell out the country in a heart beat for power and money emotionally bankrupt morally delusional infantile egomaniac, PARTY IS SEVERELY CORRUPT!
    For me this, now conversation of corruption started on January 9, 2018 on this very blog in the Survival Blog’s News From The American Redought, with a article entitled Fractured West: In Oregon And Elsewhere, Rural Residents IncreasinglyThe Balks At Democrats’ Progressive Governance. They have in fact weaponized the EPA and the BLM. Between the corrupt politicians, EPA, and BLM they continue to bully lie cheat and steal water rights and land that rightfully belongs to individual people, county, states out her in the western states on a daily basis to this very day.
    THIS CANNOT CONTINUE! We The People need to stand our ground and not let this go any further. It can be done it has been done by our very own fellow Americans. I’ll give you a very outstanding example: in RANGE Magazine winter edition 2017/2018, page 76, there is a article entitled First in Time, First in Right. This article talks about how two different Idaho ranchers each took on the the Corrupt Politians and BLM and WON! It can be done! If you get the chance read this article and many more in RANGE magazine in current and back issues there is a wealth of information and knowledge in them. A quote from the article ” The West is watching to see if the new secretary will get a handle on the long-term boreaucrats of the administrative state, some of whom have been there since President Carter. Bruce Babbitt told a 1993 law conference that ranchers and private property owners ” are headed for extinction ” and that ” water problems of the West are going to be solved by moving water in a regulated manner.” In other words use the federal bureaucracy to steal private property rights. Will the Trump administration allow Babbitt’s war on the West to continue?”
    Ya I know it just keeps getting deeper and wider. I say arm yourself with massive amounts of knowledge and do not stop fighting. Remembers We The People are in charge not our ” employees ” they work for us. Hold there feet to the fire.
    God Bless the folks at RANGE magazine.
    God Bless the folks at Survival Blog.
    God Bless all my fellow Americans and Patriots.
    God Bless the United States of America.
    Let me know what y’all think, thanx again for letting me vent.

  34. One of the biggest problems is that the Atzlan movement in the US and the Mexican government both encourage and support the reconquista of the USA. They do not just claim California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, they claim everything east to the Mississippi, and all the southern States between Texas and Florida. They claim their conquistadors went as far as at least Iowa or Illnois looking for the 7 cities of gold, so it all belongs to them. Basically they claim about 3/4ths of the Continental USA, and we stole it from them. So, they are taking it back as they took Spain back from the Moors, by out breeding us.
    I had one of these Aztlan types make the comment about the Gadsden emblem on my cap, that their eagle eats our snake. He thought that the Gadsden emblem was an official symbol of the USA. I told him that the Gadsden emblem was a symbol from our Revolutionary war, and that our official symbol was a Blad Eagle that keeps kicking their eagle ass. He was a bit stunned by that and ended the conversation.
    So, beware, this is far more than an immigration issue, it is an invasion issue, and a very serious one on their part.

    1. NMsourdough :
      Freaky experience. Sounds as though you verbally put that individual in his place, NICE!
      You are very right about them Invading our country and it needs to stop. Remember : The U.S. Will not fall from a exterior enemy, but a interior enemy.
      A republic if we can keep it.
      Freedom is not free.
      We The People need to be ever vigilant, fully engaged in what our ” employees ” do and not do in all levels of government.

    1. Frank L :
      And there our fellow Americans that are being murderd.
      This is the Democratic Party at its finest. Every single Chicago elected official, many from the past, should be charged with a huge amount crimes to include but not limited to :
      infringing on the 2nd Amendment, lying, and many many more.
      To the good people of Chicago keep up the good fight, do not quit. Fight crime, catch the criminals, try the criminals, and then imprison the criminals and yes when I speak of the “criminals” I speak of the politicians who are running amuck in that city.
      God Bless.

  35. The history lesson on immigration was quite informative. I normally read about science, technology and business so I don’t know as much history as I should. Near the end of the article your logic was taken over by bias. Muslim extremists are a threat, but not the biggest or only threat. If you are going to generalize, the threat is “extremists”. It doesn’t matter what their religion is, political views are, country of birth, or anything else. Extremists are more likely not to follow cultural norms like respecting other peoples right to live. I worry about Extremists because they are the danger.

    Your math estimating the number of radical Islamic people in the US is also totally flawed which undermines your assessment of the risk from radical Islamic extremism. Assuming your 2% is a valid number for the total population of the world, 3.2M in the world could be valid. You then apply the same 2% to the Muslim population in the US as if radical Muslims are evenly distributed around the world. This is highly unlikely for numerous reasons. For example, there are many branches of Islam. Do all the branches have the same beliefs? No. Are the different branches evenly distributed among even Muslim majority countries? No. Then, just the existence of so many branches shows they have significant variation in their beliefs. Look at Christians. Do all Christians have the same beliefs even though we read basically the same bible? No, Christianity has significant variation too. Would the beliefs of a Presbyterian USA member be the same as a evangelical Baptist? No. Not all Islamic branches are likely to have the same propensity of extremism. Then ponder, where did the Muslims in the US come from and why did they come here? Is not the Wahhabism branch of Islam extremely conservative and likely to have significantly more extremists than other branches? Were not the 9/11 terrorists from Saudi Arabia? What if most of the Muslims who came to the US were moderate Muslims living in a Muslim country with a more conservative leadership, or militia who terrorize moderate Muslims? They would be more likely to move to a country like the US where they wouldn’t be terrorized and would be free to practice their religion without repression. Were not many of the Christians who came to America initially fleeing repressive governance in Europe? Fleeing persecution could cause the US population of Muslims to actually have fewer radical Muslims compared to the world population. This only looks at immigration. What about the Muslims, White Supremacists and others who are already here. How do they become Extremists? What kind of life experiences and events lead to extremism? Are some people more susceptible to extremist propaganda? To assess our total danger you can’t look just at Muslims or immigrants. Now if you wanted to examine subgroups in the US one method would be to sample the subgroups in a statistically valid method to estimate the number of radicals in the US. This would not be a easy task and would require very large sample sizes due to the small number of extremists, still need extremists to be somewhat honest when surveyed, etc. I don’t know how many extremists we have in the US, Muslim or otherwise, but I’m preparing for all of them. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/white-supremacist-murders-2017-report_us_5a5f59b0e4b0ee2ff32c4bea?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

  36. Monotheism historically has been an important idea. The Koran, Islamic practice and teaching uses it to justify theocracy. Theocracy is more than rule by priests or imams. In simple terms according to Islamic teaching it means God’s law extends to every aspect of society, culture, and life. Muhammed was both prophet and Caeser who combined church with state. Ever since then, the Islamic leaders of the Islamic empires have ruled as Allahs Viceregents on earth attempting to establish Islamic rule worldwide to bring all the inhabited earth under sharia law. Historian Bernard Lewis states that “in classical Arabic and in other classical languages of islam, there are no pairs of terms corresponding to lay and ecclesiastic, spiritual and temporal, secular and religious, because these words in Christianity have no equivalent in islam. in the middle east in isis areas and iran and Saudi arabia sharia extends beyond religious law to commercial law, civil law, family law, the military. In Christianity this is not so. In Augustine’s the city of God he states that the Christian lives in two realms, the earthly city and the heavenly city. Only after Jesus Christ return will these two cities be combined inti the kingdom ruled by Him. Meanwhile the duties are not the same in the two realms. As Jesus said “render unto Ceaser what is ceasers, and to God what is Gods. Christianity teaches that we are guided by the inner conscience in obedience to God inside every person and that is separate from political control and that kings, rulers, presidents however powerful can not usurp the authority that belongs to God only. This idea of limited government beyond which rulers can not go is a Christian notion of areas where state control should not and can not go. This a profound and distinct difference delineating the basis difference between Christian based democracy as opposed the Islamic sharia law. Jim’s estimate of 69,000 radicalized Islamist’s is conservative taking into consideration of a much larger percentage of Muslims to accept sharia should the percentage of Muslims to Christians increase in the west due to immigration and higher birth rate of Muslims as compared to Christians. The genius of Americas founders was to insist by law to limit the central government of the United States to stay completely out of the business of theology. The overwhelming majority of the founders were devout Christians . George Washington in his farewell address: “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.” John Adams: “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Theses principals enshrined within the Constitution and Bill of Rights by our primarily Christian founders are diametrically opposed to and have no equivalent in the Koran, Islam, or Sharia law.

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