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Making The Wrong Choices For The Wrong Reasons – When belief overpowers reality.

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Kmart workers believe all the stores are going to be imminently shut down – With the online shopping taking over, more and more major retailers are going out of business! Malls are becoming ghost malls. I remember W.T. Grant! More and more retail workers as well as bank tellers (many banks closing branches) will be unemployed. Always, always, have other skills! Graduation does NOT mean education stops. I also remember the FIRST electric typewriters! Had to learn about those, and the early computers, and Dictaphones for bosses who did not have secretaries (such as me) that took shorthand. – H.L.

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Investors Are Getting Ripped Off on Index Fund Fees, Lawsuits Say

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US Stocks Advance as Commodities Retreat on Dollar Strength

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