Economics and Investing:

I recently ran across an article from the Wall Street Journal; the piece itself was either a really bad attempt at a satire or it was mockingly smug. The article itself is not necessarily what you should read. I found that the comment section was truly amazing. I laughed, I smiled, and I felt that I wasn’t alone in the fight… My fellow American’s are alive and well, and there is a growing tide of revolution. I invite you to read the comments section. I don’t know how long the WSJ will keep it up. – T.C.

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Forget the Noise: Oil Prices Won’t Crash Again

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Video: Economic Crisis 2015 – Peter Schiff & Mike Maloney – This is 40mins long, but if you don’t listen to Peter’s normal podcast then it’s definitely a good watch.

Fed Might Hike Rates in September But There Are Reasons to Delay – Sometimes you have to just laugh at illogic.

Weekly Mortgage Applications Plunge 7.6% on Higher Rates

ECB to Focus on Roll Out of QE as Greece Deadline Looms