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Bitcoin Drives Revolution and ‘Startup Government’ for Syrian Kurds

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Silver Price Forecast 2017/2018: Silver Prices Likely To Rise In A Concentrated Manner

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US Auto Industry Factory Production Falls Most Since August. “Output at U.S. auto manufacturers fell unexpectedly in March by the most since August of last year, according to Federal Reserve data that was released on Tuesday.” – H.L.

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Will The Gold Price Always Face Resistance At $1,350?. “Is there really something to the idea of a psychological barrier for gold at $1,350, and if so, is there any evidence for it?”

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Don’t Believe The Hype: Oil Markets Far From Recovery. Oil markets are in a slow process of recovery, aided by OPEC and non-OPEC output cuts, but the road to market balance remains long and bumpy.

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Markets Start to Ponder the $13 Trillion Gorilla in the Room. “Fed officials discuss when to start reducing asset holdings.”

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Homebuilders Could Be Losers in Early Test of Trump Trade Policy. “A long-simmering trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada over lumber is heating up, increasing the cost of building houses and causing American businesses to hunt for supplies in other countries.”

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  1. Margret Fain says:

    just a question. If one had all food/water/medical etc. preps in place, but no junk silver and a few hundred dollars to spend, who would you recommend to buy from?

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