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From Hubert Moolman: Gold and Silver Boom or Bust – A bit heavy on the charts but interesting nonetheless.

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OPEC’s No.2 Goes Rogue: Plans 600,000 Bpd Oil Output Increase. Despite talks of an OPEC extension, Iraq, which is OPEC’s second-biggest exporter, has plans to boost crude production to 5 million bpd by the end of the year.

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I listened to a sermon one time about the phases that many organizations go through. There is the time of passion in which men and women of great passion do extraordinary things and the organization grows like crazy. They eventually reach a stage where the people in charge sit back on their heels and enjoy the ride that their predecessors created, but eventually, the organization slides to the point where you often hear the phrase “I remember the good ol’ days,” and the organization lives in its past glory days with nothing of real value to add to the current time. It is a hollow organization at that point. Wait, did I just describe our government’s management of America? The Hollowed Out System – link sent in by reader H.L.

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Trump’s Tax Overhaul Keeps Congress Waiting as Questions Pile Up

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