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Over at Gold-Eagle: The Balance Of Gold And Silver

JWR’s Comment: Silver is still grossly under-valued in relation to gold, and hence it has the best long-term investment potential. Part of this is because nearly all gold is recovered as scrap, while a lot of silver ends up in landfills.

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You know that the markets have escaped reality when: The market capitalization of Tesla Motors now exceed Ford Motor Company.

JWR’s Comment: Ford had $26 Billion in net income in past five years, while Tesla has racked up 2.6 Billion in losses. Something is horribly wrong with stock market psychology.

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What the Death of the Penny Means for Our Money – DSV

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New Study Finds That Six Jobs Are Lost For Every Robot Added To The Workforce – H.L.

HJL’s Comment: As hard as that news is to bear, the wrong direction to take is the banning of robot labor. That is a sure-fire way to chase business onto foreign soil. Instead, workers should not stand still expecting to be taken care of by the largess of others. SurvivalBlog will be running a series of articles in just a few weeks about taking charge of your own financial security and creating your own opportunities.

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Buying a Home This Spring Will Be Hardest in Years

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